Functions in Projects

Let us have a look at some of the functions that can be performed in the Projects module.

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Log Time

Once you create a task for a project, you can log time for the time spent on each task.

You can also log time in two other ways:

Record Manually

You can enter the time you’ve spent on a project manually. Here’s how:

log timer


Choose the start and end time by clicking the Enter time duration instead option. 

Projects Time Spent New Entry

Insight: The option to select users will be available only for Admins.

Start Timer

You can log time for a particular project using the timer. Here’s how:

start timer for projects Start timer disable timer

Once you stop the timer, you can enter the project details in the following popup.

Associate Projects

Track Project Cost and Revenue

When accounting for a project based company, you might want to track the project’s cost and revenue, and also summarize it accordingly.  In Zoho Books, this process can be done by associating projects with transactions. Once the projects are associated with transactions, you can view the summary of the project’s profitability from the Reports module.

Create and Send Project Estimates

  Before you begin working on the project, you can send an estimate (quote) of the project and the prices to your customers. They can either accept, reject or comment on the estimate. After an estimate is confirmed, it can be converted into an invoice. To create an estimate for a project


 You can also create an estimate from the Estimates module and associate a project to it. here’s how:

 New Estimate

Invoice customers for projects

  You can create an Invoice and send it to your customers for partial or full completion of a project. 

Insight: You can associate multiple project to an invoice. 

  You can create an invoice for a project from the Project details page. Here’s how:

New Invoice Invoice Projects
Billing Method Available Options
Fixed Cost for Projects Only Single line for the project option will be shown.
Based on Task Hours The option Group by users will not be shown.
Based on Staff Hours The option Group by users will not be shown.
Based on Project Hours All the options will be shown.

Similarly you can associate other sales transactions such as Sales Orders and Credit Notes to a project.

Record Project Expenses

Projects have certain expenses. It can be anything from buying a coffee for your user to purchase tools for a task.  To record expenses for a project:

Insight: The Customers and Projects fields will be automatically populated.

  Projects Expense

You can also create an expense for a project from the Expense module. Here’s how:

 Projects Expense

Create Retainer Invoices for Projects

At times you might have to take an advance payment to arrange the resources for the project you are going to work on. Create a retainer invoice for the project and accept advance payments. You can later adjust them with the invoice you create from the project.

To record an advance payment for a project:

Projects Retainer Invoice

You can also record advance payments from the Retainer Invoices module. Here’s how:

Retainer Invoice Projects

Insight: All the sales transaction can be viewed in the Sales tab under the respective module names.

Bill the Vendors for a Project

When you are working on projects for your customers, you may incur various bills purchase of a software, tool etc. You can associate customers and projects to these bills and mark them as billable. Here’s how:

Bill Projects

Similarly you can associate other purchase transactions such as Purchase Orders and Vendor Credits to a project. To do this:

Manual Journals

You can create journal entries to keep of other transactions associated with this project manually. Here’s how:

Manual Journa Projects Journal Projects Additional info Projects

Bulk Update Line Items

You can bulk associate projects to line items of an invoice. You can select multiple items and associate projects easily in just one click.  To bulk update projects:

Bulk Update Line Item Update Projects Update Projects

Tracking Transactions

The transactions that you’ve recorded for a project can be tracked in the project module. Here’s how:

 Projects Sales Purchase Projects

Project Reports (Project Profitability)

You can customize reports and filter them based on the projects associated with different transactions. The overall profitability of a project can be viewed from the Profit and Loss report and the transaction based project details can be viewed from the transaction specific reports.

Profit and Loss Report

Project profitability can be customised and read from the Profit and Loss report. You can tailor the report and view them based on specific projects. To do this:

Customize Projects Reports Reports Projects

Insight: You can view the project’s profitability in a chart format right in the project’s Overview page by clicking the Profitability Summary. You can directly go to the specific project’s Profit and Loss report from this page by clicking Profitability Report below the chart.

Other Reports

You can view the reports of transactions created for a project. These reports include:

  1. Purchase Order Details Report
  2. Invoice Details Reports
  3. Estimate Details Report
  4. Sales Order Details Report
  5. Bills Details Report
  6. Expense Details Report
  7. Debit Note Details Report

For instance, to view the projects associated with bills:

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