Convert to Invoice

Once you’ve created a sales order and sent the items to your customers, you might want to create an invoice for the same. You can directly convert a sales order into an invoice. Here’s how:

After a sales order is invoiced, it will be converted to the Closed status.

Import Sales Orders

View Invoice

After you’ve converted your sales order to invoice, you can view them. Here’s how:

View Sales Order

You will be able to find the invoice from here. If you want to delete the invoice:

Partial Invoicing

After a sales order is confirmed, you can choose to include selective items in the invoice created for it. This is when partial invoicing comes in handy.

When will this be useful?
Let’s say you have created a sales order for the following quantities of items:

Now, you realize that you don’t have stock of mobile phones and wouldn’t be able to send them to your customer. In such a case, you might want to invoice just the laptops and leave the mobile phones for later. Here, we partially invoice the sales order just for the laptops.

To partially invoice a sales order:

Do you want to cancel items that you have already invoiced from your sales order? Learn more.

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