Contextual Chat in Zoho Books

Contextual Chat enables you to initiate discussions with other users in Zoho Books around transactions, contacts, items, bank accounts, or projects. This feature is powered by Zoho Cliq, an app that makes collaboration and communication easy for teams.

Note: This feature is available only for certain plans of Zoho Books. Visit the pricing page to check if it’s available in your current plan.

How Contextual Chat Works

Contextual Chat uses Zoho Cliq’s chat bar to facilitate chat within Zoho Books. With the chat bar enabled, you can simply create a chat by clicking the Contextual Chat icon and adding Zoho Books’ users as participants. Once that’s done, you can initiate discussions, and make audio and video calls from within Zoho Books with the contacts of your Zoho Cliq account.

Benefits of Contextual Chat

Create Contextual Chat

You can initiate a contextual chat from the following modules: Items, Customers, Quotes, Sales Orders, Invoices, Credit Notes, Vendors, Expenses, Purchase Orders, Bills, Vendor Credits, Bank accounts, and Projects. Users with permission to create transactions in these modules will be able to create contextual chats.

To create a contextual chat:

contextualchat-intro contextualchat-newchat

The new chat will open in the chat bar, allowing you to start a discussion with the participants you’ve selected. You can view the list of discussions created by clicking the Contextual Chat icon or in the chat bar at the bottom. You can also share documents and images by clicking the Attachment icon in the chat.


Edit Chat’s Title or Delete Chat {#edit-chat’s-title-or-delete-chat}

You can edit a chat’s title, and delete a contextual chat. Here’s how:


Add or Remove Participants in Contextual Chat

You can add or remove participants in a contextual chat. Here’s how:

contextualchat-participants contextualchat-addremove

Note: You will be able to edit a contextual chat’s title, add or remove participants in a contextual chat, and delete a contextual chat only in Zoho Books. You will not be able to do these actions in Zoho Cliq.

Cliq Features in Contextual Chat


  1. Ensure that users of your Zoho Books organization are users in your Zoho Cliq organization, or
  2. Zoho Books users who are not part of your Zoho Cliq organization, must be added as a contact to your Zoho Cliq Organization.

Once the prerequisites are met, you will be able to initiate audio and video calls with the users of Zoho Books directly from the chat bar.


Prerequisite for Group Call: Users in Zoho Books should have an active account in Zoho Cliq.

You can initiate group audio and video calls from a chat. Here’s how:

contextualchat-groupcall1 contextualchat-groupcall2 contextualchat-groupcall3 contextualchat-groupcall4
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