Functions in Vendor Credits

The vendor credits that you record for your vendors can be applies to bills, refunded and imported.

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Apply Credits to Bills

Vendor credits can be applied to bills that are created for the same vendor. Doing so will reduce the bill amount accordingly. To do this:

Export Vendor Credits

Pro Tip: You can also apply credits by opening the corresponding bill and selecting Use Credits. 


Refund Credits

To refund a vendor credit :

Export Vendor Credits Export Vendor Credits

Insight: You can enter the entire refund amount or even choose to enter it partially.

View Refunds

To view all the refunds you recorded for a vendor credit:

Export Vendor Credits

Import Refunds

If you have a list of the refunds made to vendors, you can import them into Zoho Books in CSV, TSV or XLS format. Here’s how:

Export Vendor Credits Export Vendor Credits

Customize Template

You can change the overall look and feel, such as the font, background, orientation and size of your templates. Here’s how:

Export Vendor Credits Export Vendor Credits

Add Comments

You can add comments to your vendor credits. However, these comments are only for internal use and the vendor cannot view them. Here’s how:

Export Vendor Credits Export Vendor Credits

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