Integrate Zoho Books with Stripe

Stripe is one of the world’s leading online payment service providers helping individuals and businesses to accept payments online. Stripe merchants can integrate with Zoho Books to track their sales and payments they receive on a daily basis.

This integration will help you track the overall sales that takes place in Zoho Books using Stripe, the amount deposited by Stripe, and the fee Stripe charges you.

Stripe supports multi-currency transactions so your international customers can pay you in their own currencies.

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Set up the Integration

To set up your integration, you will first have to connect your Stripe account and then configure the integration to start tracking payments.

Connect your Stripe Account

If you have a Stripe account already, you can easily connect it with Zoho Books. To do this:

Set up Connect

You will be redirected to the configuration page of your Zoho Books account to finish setting up the integration.

Configure the Feed Integration

Once you have connected your Stripe account, you can configure Stripe feed integration. Configuring the feed integration fetches the transactions from Stripe which helps you match the transactions easily.

Notes: The feed integration will start fetching the transactions a day after it is setup, after which the transactions will be fetched on a daily basis.


Click the Configure Bank Account button and you will have the following options:

Account where Stripe transfers the money:

Select the bank account where Stripe transfers the money. Choose from bank accounts that are already added to Zoho Books or add a new one.

Account which tracks the money held by Stripe:

Provide a name for the account which will track the money held by Stripe in the Banking module. By default, it is called the Stripe Clearing account. This will be a Payment Clearing type account.


Insight: Zoho Books supports Stripe accounts that holds bank accounts with multiple currencies.

Map Accounts

Map the accounts to track the transaction fees and the payments received through Stripe for your sales transactions.


You have now successfully integrated your Stripe account.

Receive Payments through Stripe

Once you have integrated Stripe with Zoho Books, your customers can directly make a card payment to you through Stripe for the invoices sent to them. Here’s how:

Insight: Your customers can make transactions through bank account (ACH Payment) as well.

enable payment

Once you have enabled payment options, your customers can make payments from their customer portal or from the invoice link shared with them via email. Here’s what your customer’s will have to do:

Pay now Pay

Notes: The online transaction fees will depend upon the charges specified by Stripe.

Track Stripe Transactions in Zoho Books

All the transaction that takes place through stripe is fetched and displayed in the Stripe clearing account. You can track and monitor the transactions that takes place on a daily basis from Zoho Books. Here’s how:

Overview Transactions

Insight: After Stripe settles the money to the bank account, a transfer fund will be created from Stripe clearing to the specified bank account in Zoho Books. The transfer fund amount will be equal to that of the money deposited by Stripe.

If there is any amount that Stripe owes you, you can view it from the Amount in Zoho Books column in the top left of the page.

Amount in Zoho Books

Track Transactions in Stripe

This section will help you monitor the sales information of Zoho Books in your Stripe account. Here’s how:

Dashboard- Stripe

You can also check the payments accepted, refunds made and their breakups from the Payments tab. Transfers made to your bank account and the money Stripe owes you, can be checked from the Balances tab.


You can get detailed insights on the transactions made through Stripe in the Reports module of Zoho Books. Here’s how:

customize report

To monitor the activities of this integration such as enabling the integration, updating settings, transfer of funds, etc:


Edit the Integration

If you wish to offer multiple payment methods for your customers, you can do it by editing it. Here’s how:

Edit Edit Edit

Notes: iDEAL is a payment method in Netherlands which is exclusive to Netherlands customers. If the customer wishes to pay via iDEAL, then the customer’s currency in Zoho Books should be in EUR. You will have to enable iDEAL payment method in your Stripe account before enabling it in Zoho Books.

Pro Tip: If your stripe credentials expire, you can click the Refresh Token option from the dropdown next to the Edit Settings button.

Refresh Token

Delete the Integration

If you feel you no longer want to use the Stripe integration, you can delete it. However, before deleting:

Once these conditions are met, you can delete the integration. Here’s how:

Delete Confirm Delete
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