Other Actions for Timesheet

Let us have a look at the different actions available for timesheets.

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Edit Time Entry

To change the details of a time entry that you’ve created in Zoho Books, you’ll have to edit it. Here’s how you can do it:

Edit Timesheet

Clone Time Entry

If you want to create a time entry which has details similar to an existing time entry, you can clone the existing time entry. Here’s how you can do it:

Clone Timesheet

Comments & History

You can add comments to your time entry and collaborate with your users. However, these comments are only for internal use and the vendor cannot view them. Here’s how:

Comments and HistoryTimesheet Timesheet

Delete Time Entry

You can delete a time entry if you do not want it anymore. Here’s how:

Delete Timesheet

Export Timesheet

You can export the timesheet in Zoho Books in the CSV or XLS format. Here’s how:

Export Timesheet
Fields Description
Select Module By default, the Timesheet module will be selected.
Fields in Export File If you want to export only certain fields, you can select a template under Fields in Export File. If you don’t have an export template, you can create a new one by clicking + Add New.
Export As Select the format of your export.
Personally Identifyable Information (PII) If you have any PII that you are exporting, mark the box Include Sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (PII) while exporting.
Password Enter a password to secure your export.

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