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Creating multiple journals entries whose debit and credit accounts are usually repeated over and over again can be quite monotonous. Using Journal Templates, you can pre-populate the note, journal type, account, reference number, project name, currency and tax. 

So, instead of creating new journal entries from scratch every time, you can just enter the unique values that are specific to that particular journal entry.

Scenario: Patrica regularly creates the journal entries after each business transaction for her organization. Over a period, she realizes that the majority of the journals that she records are usually journal entries for owner drawings in which the cash account is the debited and the owner’s capital is credited. So, instead of creating similar journal entries, she creates a journal template. This way, the next time she wants to create a new journal entry for the owner drawing, all she has to do is use the journal template.

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Create New Journal Templates

To start recording journal entries using templates, you should first create your journal template. To create:

Journal Templates Journal Templates
Field Description
Template Name Enter a name for your template. (Mandatory)
Reference# Enter an identification number or code for your journal entries.
Notes Mention the reason for creating a journal. (Mandatory)
Journal Type Check the Cash based Journal option if your account adjustment is by cash.
Project Name Select the project that you want to associate with the journal entry.
Currency Choose the currency in which you wish to make the journal entry.
Journal Templates

Based on Type

When you create journal templates based on type, the credit and debit account will not be auto-filled in the journals. So, the credit and debit amount will have to be entered manually in the journal.

Journal Templates

Based on Amount

When you create journal templates based on amount, the credit and debit account along with the amount will be auto-filled in the journals. So, the debit and credit amount will be pre-populated.

Journal Templates

Note: Ensure that the amount credited is equal to the amount debited.

You can now start creating journal entries based on the template you have created.

Use Journal Template

If you have created journal templates, you can create journal entries. To use journal templates:

Journal Templates

Pro Tip: You can also create a new manual journal (Accountant > Manual Journal > + New Journal) and click Choose Template in the top right corner or you can go to More > Manage Templates and click Use next to a journal template.

Journal Templates

Manage Journal Template

You can also perform certain actions on your journal templates. You will be able to:

Edit Journal Templates

If you have any changes that are to be made to your journal templates, you can edit them anytime. To edit journal templates:

Journal Templates

Delete Journal Templates

If you no longer wish to use a journal template, you can delete them permanently. To delete a journal entry:

Journal Templates

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