Basic Functions in Custom Modules

Let’s take a look at how you can create a custom module and add the required fields in Zoho Books.

For example, you can create a custom module called Debtors, if your organization requires you to track the loans you provide in Zoho Books.

Create Custom Modules

To create a custom modules in Zoho Books:

Click Create Module Enter the module details

Insight: A primary field is required to create a custom module. This field will be used to identify the custom module’s records.

Insight: You can edit the name of the primary field later if required. However, you will not be able to delete the primary field.

Enter the Primary field details

The custom module you create will be listed under the More section on the left sidebar.

Module Location

Add Fields

To help you fully craft your custom module, Zoho Books provides you the option to create fields with different data types. Here’s how:

New Field New field details

You can edit, delete or mark a custom field inactive in Zoho Books.

Insight: Each data type has a certain limitation to the number of custom fields that can be created.

Add Records

Once you’ve created a custom module and added fields, you can create a record and enter the details. Here’s how:

New record details New Record Details details

Insight: Records are the data entered in the custom module. For example, an invoice you create would be considered a record in the Invoices module.

Import Records

If you have records for your custom module records in a different software, you can import them. Here’s how:

Import Record

Insight: Character Encoding is used to pair numbers with characters. By default, the Unicode Transformation Format (UTF-8) encoding is used which supports a wide range of characters that go beyond 8 bits.

Import Records Import Record Click Import
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