Integrate Zoho Books with Zoho People

By integrating Zoho Books with Zoho People , you will be able to push all your time logs from Zoho People into Zoho Books and invoice your customers accordingly. 

When you set up this integration, your organization name will be shared with Zoho People.

Set up the Integration

Prerequisite: You should be an admin in Zoho Books and Zoho People to set up the integration.

To set up the integration in Zoho Books:

Zoho People Integration Zoho People Integration
Field Description
Clone Choose Clone if you want two contacts with the same name to be stored separately.
Overwrite Choose Overwrite if you want your existing contacts with the same name in Zoho Books to be overwritten with the contact details from Zoho People.

Note: In Zoho People, tasks and projects can be added individually without having to be linked to each other. However, for the integration, only tasks which are linked to a project and a customer will be pushed from Zoho People to Zoho Books.

Your integration is now live and you can check the sync status by clicking the Refresh button.

Zoho People Integration

Note: You can integrate your Zoho Books organization with only one organization in Zoho People.

Push Time Logs Automatically to Zoho Books

You can automatically push time logs from Zoho People to Zoho Books when a timesheet is approved. Here’s how you can enable it:

Note: When a time log is pushed, employees will be added as inactive timesheet users.

Push time logs automatically when a timesheet is approved

Integration Reports

You can view a report of all the transactions that were pushed from Zoho People to Zoho Books. Here’s how:

Integration Report

Error Summary

In case something went wrong during the previous sync between your Zoho Books and Zoho People organizations, you can view a report of the errors that occurred during the sync. To view error summary in Zoho Books: 

Error Summary

Now, you’ll be able to view all the errors that occurred in the Error Details page.

Error Details  

Disable the Integration

If you do not want to continue using this integration, you can disable the integration. To disable the integration in Zoho Books:

Disable Integration
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