Introduction - Credit Note

A Credit Note is a document issued by a vendor to a customer when goods are returned to the vendor after a sale. This can happen due to reasons like the goods being damaged or not satisfactory. The credit note is created for the value of the goods returned.

In this page, we will look at three different ways in which you can add credit notes in Zoho Books:

Create Credit Note

You can directly create a credit note from the Credit Notes module. Here’s how:

New Credit Note

Convert to Open

If you have saved your credit note as a Draft, you can convert it to the Open status to ensure that the credit note is active and shows up in your sales reports.

To mark a credit note as open:

Convert to Open

From Invoice

You can directly create a credit note from an invoice. Here’s how:

Create Credit Note

Import Credit Notes

Another way of adding credit notes in Zoho Books is to import them. You can import the credit notes you have in your system in CSV, TSV or XLS format.

To import credit notes:

Import Credit Notes Select File Map Fields

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