Introduction - Sales Order

A Sales Order is a document sent to your customers confirming the items and prices of a sale. A sales order is usually created after a quote is accepted by your customers and your items are ready to be shipped or delivered to your customers.

The workflow of a sales order in Zoho Books is as follows:

New Sales Order

In this page, we will look at three different ways in which you can add sales orders into Zoho Books:

Create Sales Order

Before you can create a sales order in Zoho Books, you will need to ensure that the Sales Order module is enabled in Zoho Books. Here’s how you can do it:

Now, you can create a sales order in Zoho Books. Here’s how:

New Sales Order

Convert to Open

If you have saved your sales order as a Draft, you can convert it to the Open status to ensure that the sales order is active and shows up in your sales reports.

To mark a sales order as open:

Convert to Open

Import Sales Orders

Another way of adding sales orders in Zoho Books is to import them. You can import sales orders you have in your system in the CSV, TSV or XLS format. Here’s how:

Import Sales Orders

Import Sales Orders

Import Sales Orders

Sales Order from Quote

Do you want to convert a quote to a sales order? In Zoho Books, you have the option to convert a quote which is in the Accepted status directly to a sales order.

When is this useful?
Let’s say you have created a quote for your customer. Once your customer accepts the quote, you might want to convert it into a sales order confirming the items to be sold, the delivery method and other necessary details.

To convert a quote into sales order:

Convert Quote to Sales Order

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