User & Roles

Who Is a User?

A user is someone who has access to your Zoho Books organization. An organization in Zoho Books can have multiple users.

What Is a role?

A role refers to the level of accessibility that a user can have in an organization. In Zoho Books, we have standard roles like Admin, Staff, Staff for particular customers, and Timesheet staff.

To configure users and roles:

User Roles

The default roles in Zoho Books cannot be edited or deleted. Want to create your own role? Try Custom Roles.

Add User

When you create a Zoho Books account, you become the default admin of your organization. Once you are an admin, you can add multiple users with different roles to your organization. Here’s how you can do it:

After doing so, an email will be sent to the new user, from where they have to verify the link and set up a login password to access your Zoho Books organization.

Note: Only users with Admin access can add new users.

New User

Edit User

After you have added a new user, you can edit their data if required. Here’s how:

Note: Only users with Admin access can edit user information.

Edit User

Custom Roles

Apart from the standard roles (such as Admin, Staff, etc.) in Zoho Books, you can add additional roles with different levels of access. These roles are called Custom Roles.

To add a custom role:

Custom Role

Additional Fields for Users

By default, the details about a user in Zoho Books includes their name and email address. If you want to add more details apart from this, you would have to create additional fields for users.

To create an additional field for users:

Custom Fields

This new field will be saved under the Field Customization tab. You can perform different actions on it by hovering over the field and clicking the Edit or drop-down arrow next to it.

Custom Field Actions

The custom field(s) that you create under Field Customization will be shown while adding a new user to your organization.

Mark User as Inactive

Sometimes, you might want to restrict a user from accessing your organization. In such a case, you can mark a user as inactive. You can make the user active again if you wish.

To mark a user as inactive:

Mark as Inactive

Mark User as Active

In certain scenarios, there may be a need to change the status of an inactive user to active. In Zoho Books, you have the option to mark an inactive user as active.

To mark a user active:

Delete User

You can delete a user whom you no longer want to give access to your Zoho Books organization.

To delete a user:

Delete User

Do you want to restrict access for a user to your Zoho Books organization, but don’t want to delete them? Mark the user as inactive.

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