Other Actions for Quote

There are a host of actions that you can perform upon a quote in Zoho Books.

Edit Quote

You can change or update the details of your existing quote. Here’s how:

Edit quote

Mark as Sent

If you have a quote in the Draft status, you can mark it as sent to make the quote active. Here’s how:

Mark as Sent

Send Quote to Customer

Usually, when you create a quote, you would have saved it as a draft or sent it to your customer right away.

If you have saved it as a draft, you can send it to your customer manually. Here’s how:

Send Mail

Download Quote

You can download your quote as a PDF. Here’s how:

Download quote as PDF

Clone Quote

If you want to create a quote with the same details as an existing one, you can choose to clone it rather than create a new quote. Here’s how:

Clone quote

Attach Files to Quote

You can attach up to 5 files for each quote. The size limit for each file is 5 MB. To attach files to your quote:

Attach files
Options Description
Drag & Drop Upload files from your system.
Cloud Upload files from your cloud account.
Documents Upload files from documents saved in your Zoho Books account.

You can Download, Delete, or Remove the files by clicking the options below the uploaded files.

Download, delete, or, remove the attached file


  • If you Delete a file, it will be permanently deleted from your account.
  • If you Remove a file, it will be removed from the transaction but will still be present in your documents tab.

Print Quote

To print a quote:

Click Print

Filter Quotes

You can filter quotes based on their status. Here’s how:

Filter Quotes

Custom Views

You can filter your quotes based on the criteria you specify. Here’s how:

New Custom View Custom View

Associate Project

You can associate a project to a quote when you are creating one. Here’s how:

Select project to associate with the quote

To view the project associated with the quote:

Associate Project

Bulk Update

In Zoho Books, you can perform an action upon multiple quotes. This is possible through bulk updates. Here’s how:

Select quotes Bulk update

Export Quotes

You can export all your quotes in Zoho Books in the CSV, XLSX or the XLS format. Here’s how:

Export quotes Verify Export

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