Manage Purchase Orders

The Purchase Orders that you record for your vendors can be filtered and sorted in many ways.

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Status of Purchase Order

A Purchase Order in Zoho Books can have any one of the following statuses.

Status Description
Draft Purchase orders when created, will be in the Draft status.
Open Purchase orders once sent to the vendor, will be in the Open status.
Closed Purchase order once accepted by a vendor, can be converted to a bill and the status will be Closed.
Cancelled If the vendor rejects your purchase order, the order can be cancelled and the status will be Cancelled.
Partially Billed When the purchase order is billed only for some items, then the status will be Partially Billed.
Billed Once the purchase order is converted to a bill, the status will be Billed.

Filter Purchase Orders

You can filter purchase orders made based on their statuses. Here’s how:


If you want to filter the purchase orders based on certain parameters of your own, you can do it through Custom Views

Custom Views

Custom Views can be used to filter your purchase orders based on certain criteria that you have set.

To create a custom view for the purchase orders:

Custom View

Enter a name for your custom view. If you use this custom view frequently, you can select the Mark as Favorite option.

Add criteria for the custom view based on the fields in the purchase order. You can add multiple criteria by clicking + Add Criteria.

Column Preferences
Choose the fields to be displayed in the custom view that you’re creating. You can move fields in the Available Columns to the Selected Columns by clicking the + icon next to them.

Share Custom View
Choose the user who gets access to this custom view.

This custom view will be shown when you click the All Purchase Orders Made dropdown in the Purchase Orders module.

You can edit this custom view by clicking the Edit icon next to the custom view.


To delete the custom view:


Sort Purchase Orders

You can sort the purchase orders based on their different columns or fields. Here’s how:


Rearrange Columns

In the Purchase Orders module, you can choose the fields to be displayed in the main page. You can also rearrange the columns or fields in the same page. Here’s how:


Export Current View

If you have filtered your purchase orders, or rearranged the columns in your purchase orders, then you can export that particular view of your purchase order. Here’s how:

Export Custom View Export

Refresh List

You can refresh the list of your purchase orders. Here’s how:


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