Price Lists

Note: This feature is available only for certain plans of Zoho Books. Visit the pricing page to check if it’s available in your current plan.

Businesses have different strategies to sell products, some of which include giving discounts to loyal customers, or providing seasonal discounts on products. With Price Lists, you can set custom rates for the items that you buy from your vendors, or sell to your customers. You can change the rate of items based on a certain percentage, or by setting custom rates.

Enable Price Lists

To get started off with price lists in Zoho Books, you would have to enable them:

Enable Price Lists

Create Price List

In Zoho Books, price lists can be created for both sales and purchase entities.

The prices of items in a price list can be set based on two main factors:

To add a price list:

New Price List

Fields in red are compulsory, others are optional.

New Price List

Apply Price List

Once you have enabled and created a price list, you can apply it to various sales and purchase transactions.

Apply Price List

Price lists can also be assigned to your contacts. In this way, every time a transaction is created for them in Zoho Books, the price list will be applied automatically in it and new price is auto-calculated. 

You can assign a price list for your contacts while creating or editing them.

Apply Price List on Billable Items

How price lists are applied to billable items in an invoice depends on your preference to have option to apply price list at the line item level.

If you had disabled the option to apply price lists at the line item level, then the price list will not affect the billable line item amount.

However, if you had enabled the option to apply price lists at the line item level, you can choose the apply the price lists on the billable items as well.

Apply Price Lists on Billable items

If the billable item amount was marked up, the mark up amount will be removed and the price list will be applied on the item amount.

Mark Price List as Inactive

If you are no longer using a price list, you can mark it as inactive instead of deleting it.

To mark a price list as inactive:

Mark as Inactive

To mark an inactive price list as active:

Mark as Active

Delete Price List

To delete any sales or purchase price lists that you might have created:

Sometimes, you might not want to use the price list currently but might want to use it later on. In such cases, you can mark it as inactive.

Deleting a price list will not affect any transactions on which you had applied it earlier.

Delete Price List

Import Price Lists

If you already have a list of sales or purchase price lists, you can import them into Zoho Books in CSVTSV or XLS format.

To know the format of the import, i.e. the columns and data to be included in the import file, you can download the sample import file which we’ll be looking at in the steps below:

Import Price Lists

Insight: The file size cannot be more than 1 MB.

Insight: Character Encoding is used to pair numbers with characters. By default, the Unicode Transformation Format (UTF-8) encoding is used which supports a wide range of characters that go beyond 8 bits.

Insight: The Field Delimiter is used to separate two values in a row. While importing price lists, the default file delimiter is comma (,).

Select File Sales Price List Select File Purchase Price List Map Fields Import Preview

Export Price Lists

You can export all the sales and purchase price lists in Zoho Books in the CSV or XLS format. Here’s how:

Export Price Lists Export Template

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