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Businesses have different strategies to sell products, some of which include giving discounts to loyal customers or providing seasonal discounts on products. Also, your vendors could give you discounts or even increase their price based on different situations. You can accommodate these cases using price lists in Zoho Books. With the help of price lists, you can increase or decrease your product’s selling or purchase price by a:

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Enable Price Lists

To get started off with price lists in Zoho Books, you would have to enable them:

Create Price List

In Zoho Books, price lists are based on two main factors:

New Price List

Fields in red are compulsory, others are optional.

New Price List

Apply Price List

Once you have enabled and created a price list, you can apply it to various sales and purchase transactions.

Apply Price List

Price lists can also be assigned to your contacts. In this way, every time a transaction is created for them in Zoho Books, the price list will be applied automatically in it and new price is auto-calculated. 

You can assign a price list for your contacts while creating or editing them.

Mark Price List as Inactive

If you are no longer using a price list, you can mark it as inactive instead of deleting it.

To mark a price list as inactive:

Mark as Inactive

To mark an inactive price list as active:

Mark as Active

Delete Price List

To delete any sales or purchase price lists that you might have created:

Sometimes, you might not want to use the price list currently but might want to use it later on. In such cases, you can mark it as inactive.

Deleting a price list will not affect any transactions on which you had applied it earlier.

Delete Price List

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