Zoho Books - Slack Integration

The Zoho Books - Slack integration allows you to easily monitor your customers’ client portal activities in Slack. The notifications that are triggered based on your customers’ actions in the client portal gets simultaneously pushed into your preferred Slack channel (#general, #random, etc.)

Let’s take a scenario where a sales team comprising of four members use Slack to communicate within the team and the organization they work for uses Zoho Books for invoicing.

The sales team’s day-to-day activities involve contacting customers about new offers, sending them estimates, closing deals, keeping track of sales, etc.

Enabling Zoho Books - Slack integration would push all client portal notifications from Zoho Books to the Sales team’s Slack channel. This will include notifications about an estimate getting accepted/declined, receiving payments for invoices, etc.

This saves a great deal of time as the integration brings all the information in one place, thereby keeping all the members of the team on the same page.

Connecting to Slack

To setup Zoho Books - Slack integration, please follow the instructions below:

Add to Slack button

Choose Slack channel

Authorize slack integration

When you setup this integration, your Slack URL and credentials will be shared with Slack.

Receiving Notifications

Once the integration is complete, you will start receiving notifications into your Slack channel. For example, if your customer rates your service from his/her client portal, you will immediately receive a notification with details about the rating and the review(if any.)

Slack integration view

Similarly you will receive the following notifications when your customers:

1. View an Estimate/Invoice/Retainer Invoice

View estimate or invoice

2. Accept/Decline an Estimate

Accept/Decline Estimate

3. Comment on an Estimate/Invoice/Retainer Invoice


4. Pays for an Invoice/Retainer invoice


5. Rate/Review your service


You will also receive weekly summary notifications(if enabled) directly into your slack channel.

Weekly Report

Disabling the integration

To disable the integration, please follow the instructions below:

Add to Slack button

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