Other Actions for Recurring Invoice

There are a host of actions that you can perform upon a recurring invoice in Zoho Books.

Edit Recurring Invoice

To change details of an existing recurring invoice:

The changes that you make to a recurring invoice will only be applied to the upcoming invoices.

Edit Recurring Invoice

Send Recurring Invoice to Customer

If you have opted to save the recurring invoices as draft (Settings > Sales > Recurring Invoices), then you’ll have to manually send it to the customer. Here’s how you can do it:

You’ll be redirected to the particular invoice in the Invoices module. From here, you can mail the invoice to your customer or mark it as sent.

If you have chosen to send the invoice to your customer upon generation in the Recurring Invoice Preferences, it will automatically be sent on the invoice date.

To print a recurring invoice in Zoho Books:

Select Invoice Print Invoice

Clone Recurring Invoice

If you want to create a recurring invoice with the same details as an existing one, you can choose to clone it rather than create a new recurring invoice. Here’s how:

Clone Invoice

Bulk Actions

With bulk actions, you can perform an operation on multiple recurring invoices or profiles in a single step. For example, you can bulk delete or resume multiple recurring invoices, or bulk update fields in recurring invoices.

Scenario: Patricia has created multiple recurring invoices. She wants to update the same Customer Notes for all of them. In such a case, she can select the required recurring invoices and bulk update their Customer Notes.

To perform a bulk action:

Bulk Actions Bulk Update

Delete Recurring Invoice

You can delete a recurring invoice profile in Zoho Books. However, if any child invoices have been generated for a recurring profile, they won’t be deleted.

To delete a recurring invoice:

Delete Invoice

If you want to delete the child invoices, you’ll have to delete them manually.

Pro Tip: A quicker way to delete the child invoices would be to select them under the recurring profile and delete them before deleting the recurring invoice.

Export Recurring Invoices

You can export all your invoices to your system in the CSV, XLS or XLSX format. Here’s how:

Export Recurring Invoices
Fields Description
Select Module By default, the Recurring Invoices module will be selected.
Date Range Export All Recurring Invoices or select a Specific Period for which you want to export the recurring invoices.
Fields in Export File If you want to export only certain fields, you can select a template under Fields in Export File. If you don’t have an export template, you can create a new one by clicking + Add New.
Export As Select the format of your export.
Personally Identifyable Information (PII) If you have any PII that you are exporting, mark the box Include Sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (PII) while exporting.The PII fields include your customer’s address, email address, phone number, bank account number and any sensitive custom field.
Password Enter a password to secure your export.
Select Fields For Export

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