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Using bulk update, you can filter multiple transactions such as credit notes, purchase orders, expenses, bills and vendor credits and update the accounts they are associated with a new account.

Scenario: The finance team reviews all the transactions in their accounts before the annual audit. The members in the organization had mistakenly recorded a few consultant charges under the Advertising and Marketing account instead of recoding them under the Consultant Expense account. Updating each transaction manually could be difficult and would take a while. They then use the bulk update feature in Zoho Books to update multiple transactions at once and submit their accounts in time for the audit. 

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Filter Transactions and Update Accounts

You can filter the transactions based on your criteria and update the accounts for multiple transactions in bulk. Here’s how:

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Field Description
Account Select the account that needs to be filtered.
Contact Select the contact to narrow down your search.
Date Range Specify a start date and end date.
Total Amount Range Enter the amount range of the transactions which you are looking for.
Enable Recurring Journals

Pro Tip: You can search for transactions that have been associated with inactive accounts as well.

These are the list of accounts that will not be filtered:

Warning: You will not be able to undo a bulk update. Since bulk-updating accounts in transactions cause significant changes to your financial data, it is generally recommended that you do this with the assistance of an accountant.

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Note: Only a maximum of 50 transactions can be updated at a time and transactions that have been filed cannot be updated.

Bulk Update History

To view the list of bulk updates you’ve done,

Here, you will be able to view the status and the details of your on-going and previous bulk updates.

Enable Recurring Journals

To view the specifics of your bulk update such as the date, description and status,

Enable Recurring Journals

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