Zoho Books - Zoho Projects Integration 

This integration paves the way towards better accounting for your projects in Zoho Projects.

You’re viewing the help document for the enhanced Zoho Books - Zoho Projects integration. If you’ve enabled the integration before 22 October 2018, then head over to the help document for the old integration.

Benefits of the Integration:

In this page, you will learn about:

Setting Up the Integration

Prerequisite: You must be an admin in both your Zoho Books and Zoho Projects accounts.

Before you setup the integration, you’d need to obtain the email address and ZSC key that’s associated with your projects account. To do so, go to your Zoho Projects account and follow these steps:

Zoho Projects ZSC Key

Next, from your Zoho Books organization:

Zoho Projects Integration List Page Zoho Projects Connect Zoho Projects Enter ZSC Key Zoho Projects Preferences

Now, your Zoho Books organization has been connected with your portal in Zoho Books.


  • When you set up this integration, your organization’s name and email address will be shared with Zoho Projects. 
  • If the General Timesheets are not imported from Zoho Projects, go to Settings > Integrations > Zoho Apps > Zoho Projects > Show Details and enable General Timesheets.

Checking the Status of Your Synced Data

It may take a while for the modules to get synced. You can view the status of your integration by clicking Refresh, which will display a Sync in Progress badge if some modules are still getting synced.

Zoho Projects Refresh

In case you’ve changed any of your credentials for your Zoho Projects account, you can update them by clicking Show Details from the Integrations page and then click Update Credentials.

You can also view details of when each module was synced by clicking Show Sync History.

Zoho Projects Sync History

Error Summary

In case something went wrong during the sync, you can view the Error Summary, which contains a module-wise list of all the errors that occurred, along with a reason for their occurrence. To do so:

Zoho Projects Error Summary

Now, you can view a list of all the errors that occurred in the Error Details page.

Zoho Projects Error Details

Creating Transactions for Your Projects in Zoho Projects

Once you finish setting up the integration, all your projects from Zoho Projects, along with their users, tasks and bugs will be available in your Zoho Books organization.

To create transactions: 

Zoho Projects Create Transactions

From here, you will be able to create transactions for your projects and send them to your clients, if you wish to do so. 

These transactions will be instantly available from the Finance tab in Zoho Projects. Similarly, any transactions that are created from Zoho Projects will instantly be available in Zoho Books. 

Zoho Projects Finance Tab

Disabling the Integration

To disable the Zoho Books - Zoho Projects integration:

Re-enable the Integration

Once you’ve disabled the integration, you can re-enable it in case you’d like to connect to Zoho Projects again. To do this:

Now, the integration will be re-enabled for your Zoho Books account.

Note: You can re-enable the integration only with the Zoho Projects portal that was connected previously. If you’d like to connect with a different Zoho Projects portal, then write to us at support@zohobooks.com and we’ll assist you.


The Issue You’re Facing What You Can Do
Project couldn’t be fetched.
  • Make sure that the project is associated with a primary client.
  • Check if the primary client already exists in Zoho Books with a different currency and change the currency if necessary.
Timesheets couldn’t be fetched. Ensure that the timesheets meet these conditions.
Timesheets could not be fetched because their related tasks or projects could not be fetched. Check out the Error Details page to find out what went wrong while fetching the projects or tasks. Once these errors are fixed, the related timesheets will be fetched.
Tasks could not be fetched because their related projects were not fetched. Check out the Error Details page to find out what went wrong while fetching the project. Once these errors are fixed, the related tasks will be fetched.

Zoho Books - Zoho Projects Integration

This section of the help document is for users who have enabled the Zoho Books - Zoho Projects integration before 22nd October 2018. An option to migrate to the enhanced integration will be provided soon.

Benefits of this Integration:

Connecting with Zoho Projects

Portal Settings


Connect with Zoho Projects

ZSC Key Zoho Books

The list will show all the portals in which you are the Owner.

Zoho Projects Portal

When you setup the integration, your organization’s name and email address will be shared with Zoho Projects.

Creating an Invoice from Zoho Books for Zoho Projects

Invoice for Zoho Projects

Invoice for Zoho Projects

If you wish to send the invoice to a customer created in your Zoho Books account, leave the customer field blank and create invoice. You can select the customer when the invoice form shows up for editing.

This will include expenses created in Zoho Projects for the above selected project and customer only.

In the same manner, an invoice created in Zoho Projects will also be reflected in Zoho Books. You can view and edit the invoice in your Zoho Books account.

Expenses recorded in Zoho Projects will also be reflected in your Zoho Books account.

Note: Once a task is completed and invoiced in Zoho Projects / Zoho Books, it cannot be invoiced again in Zoho Books / Zoho Projects.

This integration is very helpful when you run a company where you have multiple projects running and if you need to generate reports on the invoices and expenses.
All the invoices that are created in Zoho Projects will be reflecting in your Zoho Books account too, this way you can generate reports from the Reports module in Zoho Books. Plus, it gives access to dual mode communication from Zoho Books and Zoho Projects in regards with invoices.

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