What is a bill?

When your vendor supplies goods/services to you on credit, you’re sent an invoice that details the amount of money you owe him. You can record this as a bill in Zoho Books and track it until it’s paid.

Creating a bill

To create a bill in Zoho Books,


Creating a bill

From Purchase Order

A purchase order that is in the open status can be converted to a bill by opening it and selecting the option Convert to bill. All the details such as the vendor name and items list will be autofilled.

Creating a bill from purchase order

Recurring Bill

A recurring bill represents money owed to a vendor on a periodic basis, and recording it can be automated in Zoho Books. An example of such a bill would be the monthly charges you owe your internet vendor.

To create and automate a recurring bill,

You can also make an existing bill recurring by clicking on it and selecting More -> Make recurring. Enter the required information and hit Save.

Creating a recurring bill

Bill Payments

Recording from bill

You can record a bill payment by opening the bill and selecting the option Record Payment. You’re required to fill in the details of the payment, such as the amount and date etc. Once you save the payment, the status of the bill changes to Paid or Partially paid accordingly.

Recording a bill payment

Applying vendor credits

You can create and apply a credit you’ve received from a particular vendor on a bill that is in his/her name. The credit amount you’re owed is subtracted from the bill amount accordingly.

Learn how to do this.

Associate customers to bills

You can associate customers to line items in the bill and mark them as billable by clicking on the Blue icon icon. If an item is marked as billable, the next time you create an invoice for that customer the number of unbilled bills will be displayed and you can choose to add them to your invoice.

Sort your invoices

Bill Status

The status of your bills can be viewed from the Bills tab drop down as shown below,

Other Options

Payments Made

The payments you make on your bills in Zoho Books can be viewed under the Payments Made tab. You can also view the payments you’ve made by going to the Bills tab. Open a Paid bill and scroll down to view the payment details. These can also be edited or deleted from here. Clicking on the payment number # directly opens the receipt in the Payments Made tab.

Payments made

Note: Payments can also be made via checks. You need to associate atleast one bank account to enable receiving payments through checks. Click here to know more about checks in Zoho Books.

Once you make an online payment or manually record one in Zoho Books, the corresponding receipt will be displayed in the Payments Made tab. Learn more

Make online payments through ACH/EFT

Zoho Books offers ACH payments via Forte, a payment gateway that specializes in ACH payments. ACH is a secure payment transfer system that connects all Canadian financial institutions. This facility will allow you to make vendor payments directly from your bank account.

The following are the requirements for making ACH payments,

To use ACH facility, you will first need to setup Forte as the default payment gateway on Zoho Books.

Setting up a bank account for ACH Payments

Step 1:

Go to the Bills tab. Select the bill for which a payment needs to be recorded. Click on the Record Payment drop-down and select Pay via ACH.

ACH Charge Empty

Step 2:

You will be asked to enter the Bank Account Details. Enter your bank account details. Account number, Account type and Routing number are mandatory fields to configure the bank account.

ACH Charge

Choose the Authorization type and click Proceed.


Custom Views

Custom Views are specific filters to list your bills based on your criteria.

For example, out of all your bills in Zoho Books, you might want to view those bills that are greater than $2000.

With Custom Views, you can simply create this filter. All you have to do is set criteria and later use it to classify data.

You can find an example GIF image to understand how custom views work.

Custom view of invoices

To create a Custom View:

Your new custom field will now be listed under Created By Me, in the dropdown.

Note: Custom views can be created for both Bills and Recurring Bills.