Users and Roles in Transaction Approvals

The Admin of an organization has access to approve transactions. However, you can further extend this privilege to other users by adding them as Approvers. You can add approvers in Zoho Books and enable different sales and purchase module approval permissions for them.

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Configure Approvers

Approvers are users of the organization other than the Admins who have approval access.To add an approver:

Insight: You can duplicate an existing role by clicking the clone button.

Transaction Approval Transaction Approval

Enable Approval Permissions for Existing Users

The admins of an organization will be able to approve all transactions. However, there may be cases where the admin would like to permit other existing users to approve transactions. To enable approval permission for existing users:

Invite Users

Once you have added a new role for an approver and enabled appropriate permissions, you can assign this role to existing users or invite new users to the organization as approvers. To invite new users:

Immediately, an email will be sent to the prospective user. The user needs to click the Join Account link sent to him to start using Zoho Books.

Notify Approvers after the Submission of Transaction

Admins can set up preferences such that the approvers will be notified every time a transaction is created through email.To notify your approvers:

Transaction Approval

For Sales Approvals, you can choose any one of the following options:

  1. Notify all approvers when a non-approver submits a transaction
  2. Notify all approvers when an approver/non-approver submits a transaction
  3. Notify a specific email address
Transaction Approval

Note: If you’ve configured multi-level approval under purchase approvals, the email notification will be sent to the first approver (Level 1 approver). Once they approve, another email notification and an in-app notification will be sent to the next approver in line (Level 2 approver). Likewise, the email notification will be sent to all the subsequent approvers who are a part of the multi-level approval process.

Notify Submitters after Approval

To notify the submitter when a transaction is approved:

Transaction Approval

View Approvers

To view the approvers of a transaction:

Similarly, you’ll be able to view your pending approvals for purchase orders and vendor credits.

Transaction Approval

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