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Let us have a look at the different actions that you can perform in the Banking module in Zoho Books.

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Edit Account

You can change details of any bank account in Zoho Books. Here’s how:

Transaction Approval

Note: Any changes made to the bank account will not affect any previous transactions.

Mark as Inactive

If you no longer want to use a bank account or credit card in Zoho Books, you can choose to mark it as inactive. This is a better alternative to deleting the bank account or credit card permanently.

To mark an account as inactive:

Transaction Approval

Delete Account

You can delete your bank account or credit card permanently. Here’s how:

Transaction Approval

Bulk Actions

Your bank account can have several transactions like deposits and withdrawals made over a long period of time. Zoho Books allows you to perform certain actions for multiple transactions at once. Some of these include:

Bulk Exclude

If you have any duplicate transactions in your bank statement, and do not want it to be included in your company’s financial reports, you can choose to exclude them. Here’s how:

Transaction Approval

To view all the excluded transactions, select the drop-down in the Uncategorized Transactions tab and click Excluded.

Pro Tip: You can also restore those transactions by selecting a transaction and clicking the Restore button present in the right pane.

Bulk Unmatch

There might be days where you might have incorrectly matched transactions in Zoho Books with those in the bank statement. In such a case, you can choose to unmatch those transactions. Here’s how:

Transaction Approval

Bulk Categorize

If you’ve added any Transaction Rules, Zoho Books automatically recognizes those transactions and brings it under the Recognized Transactions tab. 

Transaction Approval

Bulk Uncategorize

Since many bank feeds are fetched into Zoho Books, you may categorize a bunch of transactions incorrectly. In such a case, you can uncategorize multiple transactions at once. Here’s how:

Transaction Approval

Bulk Delete

You can select and delete multiple Manually Added transactions at once. Here’s how:

Transaction Approval

Bulk Restore

You can select and restore multiple transactions that have been excluded. Here’s how:

After this, the restored transactions will be added back to Uncategorized transactions.

Transaction Approval

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