Introduction - Invoices

An invoice is a financial document which indicates the supply of goods or services between a vendor and a customer.

In Zoho Books, you can start invoicing your customers once you have added them as your Contacts. You can also create contacts directly while creating invoices.

How does an invoice work?
The workflow of an invoice in Zoho Books is as follows:

In this page:

Create Invoice

You can create an invoice in Zoho Books from the sales module or directly from the dashboard.

From the Sales module

New Invoice

Item Details

Fields in red are compulsory, others are optional.

From the Dashboard

You can also create invoices directly from the Dashboard:

Invoices Dashboard

Import Invoices

Do you already have invoices in your business? Zoho Books provides you the option to import invoices in the CSV, TSV or XLS format.

To import invoices:

Import Invoices

Choose File

Map Fields

Import Invoices

Types of Invoices

In Zoho Books, you can create different types of invoices based on how you want to collect money from your customers, the time intervals in which you want to invoice customers and a lot more.

Recurring Invoice

Create an invoice for a recurring time period. You can choose between the standard time period  weekly or  monthly or even set a custom time period.

Retainer Invoice

If you collect advance payments from your customers, you can using retainer invoices.

Record Payment for Invoice >

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