Manage Clients

Manage Clients is a version of Zoho Books designed to cater to the accountants who manage the business finance of multiple clients. This guide will help you to make the most of the features that are available for accountants.

Note: You will be able to access this version of Zoho Books only if you’re a user with the Accountant role.

Add new clients

When you want to add a new client, a business or an organisation whose business finances you manage, you will have to create a new organisation for them. Once you create, you will be added as an accountant in that organisation and your client will be the admin of that organisation.

To add a new client:

Create New Client Organisation

Create New Client Organisation

Field Description
Organisation Name Enter your client’s organisation name.
Business Location Select the country where your client’s business is located and choose the State/Province/Union Territory.
Client Name Enter the name of your client.
Client Email Address Enter your client’s email address that they will use to log in to Zoho Books.
Regional Settings These will be pre-selected based on the business location. You can change the time zone, if needed.

Create New Client Organisation

A new organisation will be created and you will be added as a user with the Accountant role. Also, an email will be sent to your client’s email address to join the organisation as a user with the Admin role.

Manage Pending Reviews

Based on the activities in an organisation, Zoho Books will populate a list under the Pending Reviews tab so that you can review and perform actions related to it. The list will contain things to be reviewed based on the following scenarios, when:

Insight: The pending reviews will be displayed based on the permissions that has been configured for the Accountant role. If the Accountant role does not have permission to access a module, then tasks related to it will not be listed.

To view pending reviews:

Create New Client Organisation

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