The Banking module in Zoho Books helps you optimise and automate your business’s financial processes. Majority of the transactions in a business happen through banking, and it can be quite an hassle to manually enter them in Zoho Books

Our intuitive features in Banking helps you to sync your bank feeds with Zoho Books, thereby eliminating the need for data entry. Once your bank transactions are in Zoho Books, it’s easy to keep track of the money coming in and going out of your business.   That’s not all, you can also fetch or import live bank feeds and match them instantly with your transactions in Zoho Books. Once you match or categorise your bank feeds, you can easily reconcile them with your transactions.

Let us see how the Banking module works in Zoho Books.

Add Accounts

Add Bank/Credit Card Account 

Add Paypal account


Bank Feeds

Paypal Feeds

Add Transactions

Match/Categorize transactions

Match Transactions

Categorize Transactions

Transaction Rules

Reconcile Accounts

Other Actions in Banking

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Connect to your bank, match, categorize and  reconcile accounts with ease.

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