Bank Feeds

Once you add an account from the list of banks available, you will receive bank feeds to your Zoho Books account by default. The bank feeds are fetched every 24 hours into your account automatically for the banks that don’t require multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Warning: Bank feed availability is subject to the respective bank or service provider’s connectivity.

Some banks adopt multi-factor authentication for security purposes. If your bank adopts multi-factor authentication, you will have to refresh the feeds manually.

Notes: Unless the authentication is cleared the bank will not allow Zoho Books to fetch the feeds automatically.

To identify if the bank feed in your account has been activated or not, just check on the bank feed icon present next to the account name.


Update Credentials

Login credentials of your bank account are necessary for the bank feeds to be fetched into your account. Some cases where it will be necessary to update your credentials,

To update credentials:


Notes: When bank feeds are fetched, either automatically or manually, they will be fetched the previous day. If you fetch your bank feeds today, you will be able to see the transactions that happened yesterday.

Refresh Bank Feeds

If your bank feeds are not fetched automatically, it could be due to a temporary glitch. You can refresh the bank feeds manually. However, manual refresh is limited to once a day. To refresh bank feeds manually:


Deactivate Bank Feeds

You can deactivate bank feeds if you do not want it to be fetched from your bank.


PayPal Feeds

Similarly, you can also deactivate and activate your PayPal feeds.

Deactivating PayPal Feeds

  To deactivate your PayPal feeds,


Activating PayPal Feeds

  In case you have deactivated your feeds and wish to reactivate them, follow the step mentioned below.


Connect Your Bank Accounts To Yodlee’s New API Platform

Yodlee, our third-party bank feeds service provider, has released a new API platform and we have upgraded our systems to the new platform. This new platform enables you to seamlessly sync your bank feeds with Zoho Books.

To experience the upgraded platform’s capabilities, you will have to upgrade each of your bank accounts to the new platform by reconnecting them with Zoho Books.

Note: Upgrading each bank account might take 2-3 minutes to complete. During that time, you will not be able to activate feeds, refresh feeds, or update the credentials for any of your banks. So, we recommend you do this whenever it is convenient for you.

To upgrade to the new platform, you will have to reconnect your bank to Zoho Books, fetch its bank accounts, and their feeds.

Reconnect Your Bank and Fetch Bank Accounts

The first step is to upgrade your bank to the new platform and select the accounts from which you want to fetch feeds. To do this:

Banking Banking Banking

Next, you will have to reconnect your bank.

Note: You will have to reconnect your bank within 30 minutes from the time you clicked Proceed. If you don’t reconnect within the specified time, you will have to repeat the above process again.


Next, select the bank accounts you want to reconnect.


Now, you would have reconnected your bank accounts. Next, you will have to fetch the bank accounts and its feeds.

Pro Tip: Cross-check the bank accounts you’ve selected so that you map the right accounts.

Note: By default, Zoho Books displays the last date from which you’ve fetched your bank feeds under the Fetch Bank Feeds From section. Verify these dates and change them, if required.


Once you’ve successfully upgraded to the latest platform, you’ll be automatically redirected to the Banking Overview page. You’ll now receive bank feeds seamlessly for the accounts that have been upgraded.

Pro Tip: You can exclude transactions if you have duplicate transactions once the upgrade is complete.

Reconnect Chase and Capital One Bank Accounts

To connect bank accounts from Chase or Capital One, follow the steps mentioned below in Zoho Books:

Note: If you have already deactivated your feeds, you can skip the above step.


Your feeds will now be deactivated. However, to reconnect your bank accounts, you’ll have to activate feeds again.


Next, you will have to reconnect your bank.


You’ll now be redirected to your bank website to authorize Zoho Books.

The list of configured accounts will be displayed here. You can add any other accounts from your bank’s site. Next, select These are all the accounts that can be shared with Zoho Books.

You’ll be redirected to your Zoho Books organisation. Next, select the bank accounts you want to reconnect and click Save & Finish.


You have successfully recconnected your bank accounts. Next, you will have to map the bank accounts.


Once you’ve upgraded to the latest platform successfully, you’ll be redirected to the Banking Overview page. You’ll now start to receive bank feeds seamlessly for the accounts that have been upgraded.

Token Bank Feeds

Open Banking

Open Banking is a method of providing a third-party financial service provider access to customers’ banking and financial transaction data using Application Programming Interface (APIs). Zoho Books uses Token, a third-party financial service provider, to access your bank statements and fetch bank feeds into Zoho Books.

Connect Bank Accounts to Zoho Books Using Token

Connect your bank account to Zoho Books using Token, a secure open banking platform, and automatically fetch your bank feeds from your bank into Zoho Books.

Note: Token provides account information services only for some banks. If your bank is not one of them, you will have to import your bank statements manually.

To connect your bank account with Zoho Books:

Connect now Token- Bank Feeds Service Provider

Note: If your bank’s name is not listed in the dropdown, then your bank is not supported by Token for automatic feeds.

Select Bank Token end terms of service Token's request for account information

Note: You must connect your bank account with Zoho Books within 30 minutes of clicking Accept. If you don’t connect within the specified time, you will have to repeat the steps above.

Bank login Select your accounts

You’ll now receive bank feeds for the chosen accounts directly from your bank in Zoho Books.

Troubleshooting Broken Bank Feeds

There are multiple reasons for bank feeds to be broken. You can eliminate a few possible issues by refreshing your bank feeds. If the issue still persists, you can contact us at

Broken Feeds

As Zoho Books is integrated with Token, a third-party banking service provider, any issue with broken bank feeds would take time to resolve as we do not have full control over how bank feeds are fetched. We’ll have to discuss it with Token and wait for them to fix it. At times, this might take longer than expected.

To help you troubleshoot, we have listed a few issues that you might face, their possible reasons, and the solution to fix them.

Issue Possible Reason Description Solution
Broken bank feeds Approved multiple consents for the same bank. If you have multiple consents approved for the same bank, you’ll not be able to fetch the bank feeds. One bank can have only one consent approved at any given point of time. Reconfigure the bank feeds
I’m unable to find my bank Token has not connected with that bank Token has a list of banks they are connected with. Your preferred bank may not be listed Write to us at with the details of the bank you want to connect with.

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