Zoho Books can be integrated with different apps and payment gateways. Let us see how this is done.

Online Payments

In the Zoho Books app, you can now access Online Payments as a separate section directly under Settings.

Zoho Books is integrated with major online payment gateways to help you receive payments for your invoices online. This ensures faster and hassle free receipt of payments and further automates your cash flow and its book keeping. To set up a payment gateway:

Click on a payment gateway to find out how you can use it along with Zoho Books.


To setup PayPal as your preferred gateway for receiving payments:

Paypal Description
PayPal Standard Choose this mode of payment to transact with your clients from across the globe. Your clients can pay you with a credit card even if they don’t have a PayPal account. You receive your payments instantly. In PayPal standard, a percentage is charged as the transaction fee.
PayPal Business Regardless of your invoice amount, the transaction fee charged by PayPal is just 50 cents. Your clients however can make payments only via an eCheck or PayPal balance. The payment may be delayed if the payment is received via eCheck. In this mode of payment, both you and your clients need to have a US PayPal account.

To help you decide which of the Payment Options work for you, click on the grey question mark icon next to the Default Payment Options field to see the comparison between the two.

Paypal standard

After setting up Paypal, you can edit or delete its details by clicking the Edit Settings or the Trash icon next to the Paypal logo.

Setting up PayPal

When you setup this integration, your email address will be shared with Paypal.

Payflow Pro

To set up Payflow Pro:

When you register for Payflow Pro, you will receive an email with information like your Partner ID and Vendor name. Please keep that email at hand while filling the details for Payflow Pro.

Fields Description
Currency The currency you set up in your Payflow Pro account. Payflow currently supports transaction in 10 leading currencies.
Partner The partner ID as mentioned in your Payflow Pro account.
Vendor Your vendor name as mentioned in your Payflow Pro account.
User Enter your Payflow Pro username.
Password Enter your Payflow Pro password.
Bank Account Enter the Bank Account where money received should reflect.

Setting up PayFlow Pro

When you setup this integration, the fields mentioned above will be shared with Payflow Pro.

Prerequisites for using with Auto-charge in Zoho Books

In order to use PayFlow Pro for Auto-charge, you need to enable Reference transactions in their merchant account.

Configuring Auto-charge Settings

Countries supported by Payflow Pro - United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.


Stripe is an online payment gateway provider that accepts credit cards.

To set up Stripe as your Payment Gateway:

You will be redirected to the stripe portal.

Learn more about Stripe integration with Zoho Books.

View the list of countries supported by Stripe here.


To configure 2Checkout:

Setting up 2Checkout

After setting up 2CHECKOUT, you can edit or delete its details by clicking the Edit Settings or the Trash icon next to the Paypal logo.

Setting up 2Checkout

Create an account in 2CHECKOUT.

When you setup the integration, your 2CO Account# and Secret Word will be shared with 2Checkout.

Countries supported by 2Checkout - Supports all countries except North Korea, Iran, Sudan, Syria, Cuba, Myanmar (Burma).


To configure BrainTree:

Fields Description
Merchant ID Provide you Merchant ID here. Login to your BrainTree gateway account and find this detail in the API Keys section. You will also find the required following Key credentials
Public Key Enter the Public Key here.
Private Key Enter the Private Key here.
Currency Select the currency in use in your BrainTree account. BrainTree currently supports transaction in 8 leading currencies.
Client Side Encryption Key You will need to paste your Client side Encryption Key here. To find this, log into your BrainTree account and click on API Key section provided on the right pane.
Bank Account Enter the Bank Account where money received should reflect.

Setting up Braintree

When you setup this integration, the fields mentioned above will be shared with Braintree.

Countries supported by Braintree - Works for United States, Canada, Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia, and New Zealand.

ACH Payments in Zoho Books

Zoho Books offers ACH payments via Authorize.Net, a payment gateway that specializes in ACH payments.ACH is a secure payment transfer system that connects all US financial institutions. This facility will allow you to debit payments directly from a customer’s authorized bank account.

The following are the requirements for making ACH payments:

To use ACH facility, you will need to setup Authorize.Net or CSG Forte as the default payment gateway on Zoho Books.

Setting up a bank account for ACH Payments

Step 1

ACH Charge Empty

Step 2

You will be asked to enter either Credit Card Details or Bank Account Details. In this case, select the tab Bank Account Details and enter the customer’s bank account details. Account number, Account Type and Routing number are mandatory fields to configure the bank account.

ACH Charge

Making payments through Customer Portal.

Ach customer portal

Ach customer portal account

Note: Customers can also choose to save their account details for future transactions by checking the Use this account for future transactions option.

Configuring number of retries and intervals

Zoho Books allows you to configure the number of retries necessary in case of a transaction failure. The various configurations available are shown below.



PayTabs is a payment gateway that enables you to receive quick payments from your customers. It supports 160+ currencies and is secured with the PCI DSS certification and anti-fraud protection. You can integrate your Zoho Books organization with PayTabs and receive online payments.

PayTabs supports multiple payment options such as:

Don’t have a PayTabs account? Create an account and start receiving payments from your customers.

Set up PayTabs

To set up the PayTabs integration in Zoho Books:

Set up PayTabs Enter PayTabs Credentials

Prerequisites for Receiving Payments

Before you receive payments from customers who are going to pay you through PayTabs, you’ll have to ensure that you’ve configured the following:

In the Contacts module, you’ll have to ensure the following details of your customers are filled:

If the country doesn’t have a Zip Code, use the country’s Telephone Code instead.

To update the customer fields:

Enable Payment Options in Invoices

After you have updated the required details of the customer and created an invoice for the same customer, you’ll have to select PayTabs as the payment option in the invoice. Here’s how you can do it:

Edit PayTabs Credentials

After you’ve updated the above changes for your contacts and invoices, your customers can pay you through PayTabs.

Receive Payments

To receive payments through PayTabs for your invoices, make sure you’ve completed the following:

After the customer receives the invoice, there are two different ways in which you can receive payments:

1. Customer Portal

You customer can pay directly through the Customer Portal if you’ve enabled portal access for them. Here’s what they should do:

Pay Now Proceed to Payment Pay Now

2. Email

If you choose to email the invoice to your customer, they can view the invoice you have created for them and directly pay for it. This is what your customer will have to do:

Email Invoice Pay Now

After clicking Pay Now, you’ll be redirected to the payments page from where you can make the payment.

Edit PayTabs Integration

You can change the details of your PayTabs integration that you’ve entered during setup. Here’s how:

Edit PayTabs Credentials

If you want to change the Merchant Email Address or the Merchant ID (MID), then you would have to delete the integration and enter the details again.

Delete PayTabs Integration

You can delete the PayTabs integration you have set up in Zoho Books. Here’s how:

Delete PayTabs Credentials

Card Verification Settings

Initially card address was made mandatory in Zoho Books. This was initiated by us to avoid confusions with respect to various payment gateways as different payment gateways have different validations. But now you are given that option to decide on whether the card address needs to be shown or not.

Depending on your choice of gateway you can enable the necessary fields of the card address to be shown or to be made mandatory by making the preferences in Card Verification Settings.

Kindly follow the steps below to make card address related changes:

Adding Users

Adding Users

Zoho Service Communication (ZSC) Key

Zoho provides numerous world class apps in addition to Zoho Books, such as Zoho CRM, Zoho Invoice, etc. If you have a Zoho CRM account and would like to integrate with your Zoho Books or Zoho Invoice account, you may use this ZSC key to do so. The ZSC Key is a unique key used to communicate between these apps.

To generate the ZSC Key:


When cards are used for payment, the payer’s card information will be encrypted and passed to the payement gateway. After the payment is processed and confirmed, the last 4 digits of the card along with the month and year of expiry are stored in the payment details section of Zoho Books.

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