Delivery Challan

What is a Delivery Challan?

A Delivery Challan is created in situations where goods are being transported from one place to another which may or may not result in sales. Example: Transfer of goods from the Head Office to its branches.

Delivery Challans are sent along with the shipment of goods. It contains the details of items and quantity of goods being delivered.


Enabling Delivery Challan

Before creating a Delivery Challan, please make sure you have enabled the option under settings.

To enable Delivery Challan:

Creating a Delivery Challan

To create a Delivery Challan in Zoho Books:

Delivery Challan

Fields Description
Customer Name The name of the recipient whom you wish to raise a Delivery Challan for.
Place Of Supply The registered place of business of the selected customer.
Delivery Challan# A unique ID for every new Delivery Challan created.

You can choose to either auto-generate or manually add the Delivery Challan number by clicking the Settings icon.Invoice Number
Delivery Challan Date Date on which the Delivery Challan is generated.
Challan Type The purpose for which the challan is being created can be selected from the dropdown.

Statuses of Delivery Challan

Status Description
Draft Delivery Challans when created will be in the Draft status before being marked as open.
Open The goods have been dispatched for delivery.
Delivered The goods have been delivered to the recipient.
Returned The goods that were dispatched have been returned.

Learn more about Delivery Challans here or create your Delivery Challan using Zoho Books here.

Recording a Return

In some situations, all the goods that you transport may not go into sale. In this case, you can record the return of the goods that have been delivered but not yet billed.

For instance, John has sent three boxes of raw materials to a manufacturing firm and issued a delivery challan for its transportation. After delivering, it turns out that they only require two boxes at the moment. Now, he can issue an invoice only for the boxes that his customer accepts and record a return of the other items.

Here, you can learn about :

Recording a Partial Return

After delivering the items, if your customer accepts and purchases only some of them, then you can record a return for the remaining items.

Prerequisite: Some items in your delivery challan must be invoiced to be able to record partial returns.

To record the return of goods in a delivery challan:

Delivery challan partial return 1

Delivery challan partial return 2

Note: You can record only one return on a delivery challan as of now. To record another return, you must undo the first return and then re-record it. 

To Undo the Partial Return

If you want to undo the returns recorded:

Delivery challan undo partial return

You can now invoice those items or re-record the return.

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