Other Actions

Other Actions

Fields Description
Edit Edit your recurring invoice information by clicking on the Edit icon.
Show Invoice history Show Invoice History:
This option will show you the history of the invoices generated from this recurring invoice.

Create Invoice:
This option will let you create manual invoices for this recurring invoice apart from the invoices that will be generated automatically.
Associate Credit Card Associate a credit card for your invoice by selecting this option. Once associated this option will be converted as Update Card.
More Recurring invoice actions can be made from selecting the options from the More drop down placed above the recurring invoice detail window.

More actions
This action will stop the recurring invoice from generating further invoices.

This action will delete the recurring profile completely.

Delete Card:
The card associated to the recurring invoice will be removed on selecting this option and will also disable Auto-charge.

Disable Auto-charge:
Auto-charge feature will be disabled for that recurring profile and the customer’s card will not be charged automatically.

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