Create and Send Recurring Invoice

Lifecycle of Recurring Invoices

Status Description
Active Recurring Invoice is in active status and generate invoices.
Stopped Recurring Invoice has been stopped and will not generate invoices until resumed again.
Expired Recurring Invoice has expired of its date and will not generate further invoices.

Creating a New Recurring Invoice

Navigate to the Sales tab and click on the + icon either next to the Recurring Invoices or the icon placed on top of the invoice list to create a new invoice.

Creating New Recurring Invoice

A new recurring invoice will open up for entering the criteria or conditions based on which you wish to have Zoho Books create invoices for you on a regular basis.

Creating New Invoice

Associate Project(s) to Recurring Invoice

You can associate the unbilled hours of your Project(s) to a Recurring Invoice.

Projects to Recurring Invoice

Projects to Recurring Invoice

Customer Details

You will now learn about filling up the fields related to your customers in the recurring invoice creation form.

Fields Description
Customer Name This field should contain the name of the customer to whom the recurring invoice is raised. You can either pick the customers from the list you have already created or you can add a new customer by selecting the New Customer option.

Creating New Customer in Invoice
Profile Name Enter the desired name you would like to associate with the invoices generated. The profile name will only be visible to the organization users.
Repeat Every Choose the desired schedule by when the invoices should be generated from the recurring invoice.

Creating New Customer in Invoice
Date Starts On: By default, this is the date when the recurring invoice is created. this field can also be customized.

Ends On: This is the date you wish to end the billing cycle of the recurring invoice.

The Never Expires option will keep generating invoices as per the scheduled cycle and will not have an end date.
Payment Terms You can set the due date of the invoices generated from the recurring invoice by selecting one of the options in the Terms drop down. Learn more about Payment Terms in Customer Details
Price List Select the price list you wish to associate to the invoices. Learn more about Creating Price Lists

P.S: Price List field will appear in the recurring invoice only if price lists feature is enabled. Learn more about Enabling Price List.
Sales Person You can type to add a sales person or choose a name that already exists. This field is very helpful in identifying the sales person who closed a deal.

Item Details

You will now learn about filling up the fields related to the items you wish to add in the invoice creation form.
Select an item from the list of items shown in the drop down. If you wish to add a new item, you can select the Add New Item option from the drop down list. Learn more about Creating New Items.

Items in Recurring invoice

Fields Description
Item Details Item Name:
Name of the item you are selling to your customer.

Item Description:
Description of the item you are selling to your customer.
Quantity The number of items to be billed in the invoice.
Discount Discount can either be applied to the invoice at the item level or at the invoice level. Learn more about Discount Settings .

At item level, you can set discounts for each item you add in the invoice.
Tax/Tax Group Apply the tax rate to the item you are adding if applicable. Choose the tax/tax group from the drop down. Learn more about Taxes.
Amount The final amount of the item after calculating the discount and taxes.

Invoice Level Discount / Charges

Fields Description
Adjustment You can adjust your total invoice amount by entering a +ve or a -ve charge which you like to be applied.
Discount Discount at an invoice level will be applied to the sub total of all item rates put together.
Shipping Charges Charges you wish to apply for shipping the product to your customer.

Payment Options, Terms & Conditions, Templates

You will now learn about selecting payment options, filling up terms and conditions and setting up templates.

Payment Options

Fields Description
Customer Notes Enter notes relating to the recurring invoice which will be displayed on the invoice when sent to the customer.
Payment Options Select the payment option that should be used for charging the customer or for the customer to make payment for the recurring invoice. You can also choose to provide the customer with the option of making partial payments for the invoices by checking the Allow customers to make partial payments for this invoice option.

You can also configure payment gateways directly from the recurring invoice.

Payment Options
Click on the Select Payment Modes and select the payment gateway that needs to be configured from the Configure and add more gateways from here section to add more payment gateways.
Terms & Conditions Customize the terms & conditions section that will be displayed on the invoice. To automate the terms & conditions in all the invoices, navigate to Settings > More Settings > Preferences > Invoices and fill in the Terms & Conditions box.
Template You can also change the Template of the invoice, by clicking on the Change and select another template you create.

You can create and edit templates from Settings > More Settings > Templates and selecting templates under Invoice Templates.

Preferences for Sending Invoices

Choose the process of sending the invoices from the recurring and also configure the Auto-charging option for the invoices you send to your customers.
To select the process navigate to Settings > More Settings > Preferences and select the Recurring Invoices tab.

Sending Options

Note: Payment reminders will be disabled for the invoices generated from the recurring invoices with Create, Charge and Send Invoices option.

Configuring Auto-charge Settings

The Auto-charge feature lets your customers save their payment credentials and takes care of their future payments for your recurring invoices all by itself. Here you will learn about configuring the Auto-charge settings, once you have selected the Create, Charge and Send Invoices option.

Currently the Auto-charge feature is supported for the following payment gateways.

Configure Auto-charge Settings

Successful & Failed Invoice Payment

On successfully charging your customer, a thank-you mail with the invoice for reference will be sent to the customer and on the instance of customer’s card being declined, a reminder mail informing the customer about the decline and to make a manual payment will be sent to the customer.

Successful Invoice Payment

Failed Invoice Payment

The content of the mail can be edited by clicking on email content.

Retry Settings

After saving your recurring invoice settings, navigate to Settings > Integrations > Online Payments. Set up the payment gateway that supports Auto-charge feature for receiving your payments.

Online Payment Options

How to Receive Payments for Recurring Invoices
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