VAT Calculation Summary

VAT Calculation Summary allows you to view the breakdown of the boxes in your VAT Return. By clicking on the value of an individual box, you can view a detailed list of transactions included in that box along with the fields like - Account, VAT Rate and VAT Amount.

To generate the VAT Calculation Summary,

VAT Calculation Summary - Reports

VAT Calculation Summary

VAT Calculation Summary - Individual page

VAT Calculation Summary - navigation

1. If your business is in Cash basis or you’ve recently switched from Cash to Accrual basis and if you have not applied tax on any line item in your Invoice payment or Credit Note Refund, then the discounts applied on those transactions will be shown in a separate row in the VAT Calculation Summary.
2. If condition 1 is fulfilled and if you have enabled Flat Rate Scheme for your business, then the Output VAT account will be displayed as a separate row in Box 1 and Box 6 of the VAT Calculation Summary.


VAT Calculation Summary - Export

VAT Calculation Summary - export all

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