Reconciling GSTR-2

GSTR-2 is a tax return that contains details of your monthly purchases / inward supplies. It is mandatory for all GST registered businesses to file their GSTR-2 after filing GSTR-1. 

A GSTR-2A report will be auto-populated in the GSTN Portal when your vendors have filed their sales return (GSTR-1) so that you can verify all data before you file your return. 


1.Please ensure that you have enabled API Access for Zoho Books in the GSTN Portal. If you haven’t  enabled it, follow these steps to enable API Access:

2.Transactions should be marked as Eligible for ITC if you would like to claim Input Tax Credit for them.

How do I reconcile GSTR-2 through Zoho Books?

Pull Transactions from GSTR-2A

The first step is to pull the transactions from the GSTR-2A in GSTN portal to start reconciliation. To do so, 




Reconcile Transactions with Zoho Books. 

Once you have pulled your data from the GSTR-2A, Zoho Books will automatically categorize the transactions, making it easier for you to reconcile the transactions. 

Under every section in the Reconciliation tab, there are multiple transactions. Each transaction contains the dropdown Action. Choose an option from the dropdown to process the reconciliation. Based on your actions chosen, the transactions will be reconciled.


Section Description Action
Missing in GSTN Transactions that are present in Zoho Books but are not available in the GSTN are displayed under this tab  1. Add to GSTN to move the transactions to the Matched section
Missing in Zoho Books Transactions that are not present in Zoho Books but are populated during the GSTR-2A transaction pull from GSTN. 1.Create and Match to create a new transaction in Zoho Books and move it to the Matched section. 
2.Reject if the transaction is irrelevant to you. 
Partially Matched Transactions in Zoho Books that partially match with those populated from the GSTN. (For example, a mismatch in the amount populated)  1. Use My Value to use the value recorded by you.
2. Modify and Match to modify the data in your Zoho Books account.
Matched Transactions that are pulled from the GSTN that match with the transactions in Zoho Books and the transactions that you’ve matched. 1. Accept to move transactions to Reconciled tab.
2. Mark as pending to use it for the next cycle of returns filing.
Reconciled Matched transactions that are ready to be pushed to GSTN. 1. Revert Reconciliation to undo the reconciliation.

Once you have completed, go to the Complete Your Return tab and click Mark as Completed.

Learn more about GSTR-2 here.

File your GSTR-1
File your GSTR-3B


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