Bank Feeds

Once you add an account from the list of banks available, you will receive bank feeds to your Zoho Books account by default. The bank feeds are fetched every 24 hours into your account automatically for the banks that don’t require multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Warning: Bank feed availability is subject to the respective bank or service provider’s connectivity.

Some banks adopt multi-factor authentication for security purposes. If your bank adopts multi-factor authentication, you will have to refresh the feeds manually.

Notes: Unless the authentication is cleared the bank will not allow Zoho Books to fetch the feeds automatically.

To identify if the bank feed in your account has been activated or not, just check on the bank feed icon present next to the account name.


Update Credentials

Login credentials of your bank account are necessary for the bank feeds to be fetched into your account. Some cases where it will be necessary to update your credentials,

To update credentials:


Notes: When bank feeds are fetched, either automatically or manually, they will be fetched the previous day. If you fetch your bank feeds today, you will be able to see the transactions that happened yesterday.

Refresh Bank Feeds

If your bank feeds are not fetched automatically, it could be due to a temporary glitch. You can refresh the bank feeds manually. However, manual refresh is limited to once a day. To refresh bank feeds manually:


Deactivate Bank Feeds

You can deactivate bank feeds if you do not want it to be fetched from your bank.


PayPal Feeds

Similarly, you can also deactivate and activate your PayPal feeds.

Deactivating PayPal Feeds

  To deactivate your PayPal feeds,


Activating PayPal Feeds

  In case you have deactivated your feeds and wish to reactivate them, follow the step mentioned below.


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