Basic Functions in Payment Links

Let us take a look at how you can enable and create a payment link in Zoho Books.

Enable Payment Links

To create payment links in Zoho Books, you will have to enable the Payment Links module first. To do this:

Enable Payment Links

Once you enable this option, the Payment Links module will be available in the left sidebar.

Create Payment Link

To create a new payment link:

Create Payment Links
Fields Description
Customer Name Select the customer for whom you are creating the payment link.
Place of Supply This place will be auto-selected based on the selected customer’s GST Treatment.
Payment Amount Enter the amount that you want to request from the customer.
Tax Select the tax applicable, if any.
Link Expiration Date Select the date on which the payment link should expire. By default, this will be 15 days from the date of creating the link. Once expired, the payment link cannot be accessed.
Description Enter a short note on why you’re collecting this payment. This will be visible for your customers.

Once you’ve created the payment link, a shortened URL and an automated Reference # will be generated for the link.

Send Payment Link

Send Email

You can share the payment link with your customer through an email, requesting them to pay you online. Here’s how:

Send Payment Links Send Payment Links

An email, as shown in the Email Preview, will be sent to your customer requesting them to pay you online using the payment link.

Send SMS

If you have enabled SMS notifications, you can notify your customers about the payment link via a text message as well.

To send an SMS about the payment link to a customer, you need to ensure that:

To share the payment link to your customer through a text message:

Send Payment Links Send Payment Links

A text message, as shown in the SMS Preview, will be sent to your customer requesting them to pay you online using the payment link.

Pro Tip: You can also copy the payment link by clicking Copy Link and then share it with your customers directly.

Insight: You can check if your customer has viewed the payment link. When a customer has viewed a payment link, an eye icon will be displayed next to the corresponding payment link’s status.

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