Other Actions for Customers/Vendors

Let us have a look at the various actions that can be performed in the Customers/Vendors module in Zoho Books.

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Edit Customers/Vendors

To change the details of any customer/vendor that you have created:

Edit Customers/Vendors

Filter Customers/Vendors

Your customers/vendors can be sorted on the basis of their type. To filter your customers/vendors:

Filter Customers/Vendors

Custom Filters

If any of the filters that you are looking for is not present in the default list of customers/vendors, you can create a custom filter based on your preference. For example, you may want to filter customers/vendors based on their company name. In such cases, you can use custom filters. Here’s how:

Custom filters

Multiple Addresses for Customers/Vendors

Does your customer/vendor have multiple addresses? By default, a customer/vendor can have two addresses in Zoho Books, i.e., the billing and shipping address. However, you can add more. Here’s how:

Additional Address

Additional Address

You can choose to display the additional addresses of your customers/vendors in the transactions that you create for them.

Manage Additional GSTINs

If your business is eligible for multiple GSTINs, you can associate an additional GSTIN with a customer/vendor’s new address and track the taxes in your transactions accordingly. To associate GSTIN:

Add Additional Address Manage Tax Informations from Tax informations Add new tax information Save and select new tax

So, each time you choose the address while creating a transaction, the corresponding GSTIN will be used.

Corresponding GSTIN displayed in transactions

Insight: The Tax Information (GSTIN and Place of Supply) associated with the address while creating the contact will be considered as the primary tax information.

Merge Customers/Vendors

Sometimes, you would want to merge customers/vendors when you have multiple customers/vendors with the same name. Here’s how you can do it:

Merge Customers/Vendor

Recent Activities

You can view all the recent activities you have performed with your customer in Zoho Books. Here’s how:

Recent activities

Mark Customers/Vendors as Inactive

If you are no longer performing any transactions with a customer or vendor, you can mark them as inactive. Here’s how:

Mark customers/vendors as inactive

Attach Files to Customers/Vendors

You can attach files to your customers/vendors.

Attach files to customers/vendors

Customer Statement

You can view your customer or vendor statement based on all the transactions that you have recorded in Zoho Books.

Customer statement

You can download the PDF, take a print-out or email the statement to your customer/vendor by clicking the icons on top of the statement.


  • When you email your customer their customer statement, you can add a list of their unpaid invoices by checking the box Attach unpaid invoices list.
  • Customer statement does not include any sales or unused credits when the transaction date is in the future or does not lie in the specified date range while generating the statement.

Stop Reminders for Customers/Vendors

Stop reminders for customers/vendors

You can revert these changes by clicking More > Enable all Reminders.

Customer Mails

Emails that you send to your customers or vendors will be in a specific format. To view or edit this format:

View all the mail activity between you and your customer.

Customer mails

Customer Comments

You can add comments for your customers for your personal reference. Here’s how:

Customer comments 

Bulk Actions

You can perform bulk actions in the Customers module. Some of them include:

To perform bulk actions on multiple customers:

Bulk Actions

Insight: The above actions can also be performed on customers who have been filtered out using custom views.

Export Customers/Vendors

You can export all the customers/vendors and contact persons that you’ve added in Zoho Books to your system in the CSV or the XLS format. Here’s how:

Export Customers/Vendors Export Customers/Vendors Export Customers/Vendors

(Exporting Customers)

Export Customers/Vendors

(Exporting Vendors)

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