Items in Zoho Books

Items are the products or services that you sell to your customers. You can also purchase these items from your preferred vendor, in the case of a reseller-based business, for example. Create and manage the items you deal with in your business and also create price lists for specific clients.

Managing Items

Managing Items

Follow the simple steps mentioned below to create, edit and manage the items dealt in your business.

Creating a New Item

Create a new item that could be a product you sell or a service you render to your customers.

To create a new item:

New Item

Items new form

Importing & Exporting Items

You can import items into Zoho Books either as .csv (Comma-Separated Values), .tsv (Tab-Separated Values) or .xls (eXceL Spreadsheet) files, and export items created from Zoho Books as a .csv or .xls files.

Importing Items

Items Import

Item Import - Select file

Item Import - Character encoding type

A few points to remember:

Note: Download the Sample file to compare how the perfect import file should be made.

Exporting Items

Item Export

Other Actions

You can also mark your items as Active, Inactive and Delete your items.

Bulk actions

Item delete

Note: If the items that you wish to delete have already been part of any transactions, they cannot be deleted. Instead, they can be marked as Inactive.

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