Adding a New Transaction for a contact

When you select a contact from your ‘Contacts’ list, a detailed view of that contact is displayed. A host of functions can be performed here, most notably recording a new transaction for that contact. Whether it’s sending an estimate, invoicing a client or recording payments, creating a transaction is a common feature in Zoho Books.

The various types of transactions you can create and record are listed below, along with the common steps involved in adding any type of transaction. The more advanced instructions, specific to creating each type of transaction, are provided under the help page of that particular module.

Types of transactions in Zoho Books

  1. Projects

Creating projects in Zoho Books

New Project

  1. Sales

    • Estimate

    • Invoice

    • Recurring Invoice

    • Credit note

    • Invoice Payment

    • Expense

    • Recurring expense

Transaction Customer

  1. Purchases

    • Expense

    • Recurring expense

    • Bill

    • Recurring bill

    • Bill payment

Transaction Vendor

How to add a new transaction

One of the more commonly used function in the contacts section, is adding a transaction for a particular contact. In order to add a new transaction of any type from the contacts section, follow the steps found below.

New Transaction

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