Introduction - Customers & Vendors

In Zoho Books, you can add customers or vendors that you deal with in your business.

For creating sales transaction like invoices or sales orders, you will have to add customers in your organisation. For creating purchase transactions like bills and purchase orders, you’ll have to add vendors.

There are two ways of adding customers/vendors in Zoho Books:

Create from Customer and Vendor creation page

To create a new customer:
Create Customer
Fields Description
Customer Type Choose Business for B2B customers or Individual for B2C customers.
Currency Select the currency which the customer deals in. This currency will be used in all the customers’ transactions.
Tax Treatment Select the type of VAT treatment you want to associate with the customer.
Place of Supply Select the place of supply of the customer.
Opening Balance Enter the opening balance of the customer (if any).
Credit Limit A credit limit can be set for the customer.
Payment Terms Select the due date by which the customer has to make the payment.
Address Add a Shipping and Billing address.
Contact Persons Add contact persons to be associated with the customer.
Custom Fields Assign a default value for the custom fields of the customer.
Reporting Tags Assign a default value for the reporting tags of the customer.
To add a new vendor:
Create Vendor

Import Customers/Vendors

To import customers/vendors from other systems:

Import Customers

Select File

Import Customers

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Additional Fields for Customers/Vendors

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