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If you are unable to fetch feeds from your bank due to various reasons, you can record manual entries and import transactions for your offline or past bank transactions of your bank or credit card accounts. 

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Manually Add Transactions

To record manual entries for your offline transactions for your bank or credit card accounts, 

Transaction Approval

Just like the way expenses are recorded, the money that your customers pay such as the sales, interests, refunds on expenses, deposits and other incomes can be recorded manually from the options given under the Money In tab from the Transactions drop down. 

Pro Tip:  You can add additional details about your transaction by attaching a document.

To attach a document, click Upload file.

Note: You can upload a maximum of 5 files, 5MB each.

Importing Bank Statements

You can import bank statements for your manually created bank and credit card account. 

Note: Zoho Books supports CSV, TSV, OFX, QIF, CAMT.053 and PDF files (maximum of 1MB) be imported as statements.

By default, the character encoding is chosen as UTF-8 (Unicode). 

Pro Tip:  To ensure that you’ve selected the correct character encoding, check your import statement file. Click here to know more about character encoding.

Note: The comma is assumed to be the default delimeter. Ensure that you’ve selected the correcter character encoding based on your import file. 

Transaction Approval Transaction Approval

The next step is to map the Imported file headers with the fields in Zoho Books. The best match to each field for the selected file will be auto-selected.

Pro Tip:  You can save your preferences for future references by selecting the Save these selections for use during future reference option.

You’ll be able to preview your import details where you can check for your errors and unmapped fields. If you want to make any changes, you can click Previous to edit your import preferences.

Transaction Approval

Auto-Forward Bank Statements

If you have enabled auto-forward bank statements, you will be able to automatically forward the emails from your bank to Zoho Books. To add the forwarded statements to the relevant bank:

Bank Statements Transaction Approval Bank Statements

After you click Proceed, the bank statements will be associated to the bank you’ve selected above.

Undo Last Import

If you’ve uploaded the wrong bank/credit card statement or uploaded the same statement twice , you can undo your last import.

Transaction Approval

After that, you’ll be able to preview the transactions that are going to be deleted before you undo your last import.

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