Reporting Tags

As a growing business, you would have a rapidly expanding customer base spread across several domains and locations. When you generate a report, it becomes hard and confusing to find the information you want as the report fetches information about all the customers. Zoho Books allows you to generate filtered reports based on short keywords called Reporting Tags.

You can create and associate Reporting Tags with contacts, items, transactions and reports created in Zoho Books. Once you associate the tag(s) with multiple transactions over a period of time, it will be easy for you to generate reports for transactions based on the particular tag(s).

For instane, if you are doing business across various lacations in the UAE, you would like to add the different regions under the Location tag.

Whenever you are associating a Reporting Tag, you can select the various options that you have created for that particular tag. For example, let’s say you have created a reporting tag named Location. The various options that you can associate with it include Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah.

Let us see how reporting tags can be associated with various modules in Zoho Books:

Creating a Reporting Tag

To create a reporting tag,

Fields Description
Tag Name Enter the name of your reporting tag.
Options Enter the various options to select under the reporting tag.

Note: You can create upto 10 tags.

Associating a Tag with a Transaction

You can associate reporting tags with Sales and Purchases transactions such as invoices and expenses. Let us take the case of an invoice. To associate reporting tags to an Invoice:

Associating a Tag with a Contact or an Item

You can associate reporting tags with a Contact or an Item and it will automatically get added to the transaction when the particular contact or the item is included in it.

Associating a tag for a Contact

Associating a tag for an Item

You can associate a tag while adding or editing an item in the Item Details screen.

Generating Reports

Reporting tags can be used when you generate the following reports:

You can use reporting tags in these reports to generate specific reports. Here’s how:

You will see that the reporting tags that you have created are listed here.

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