The tendency to forget the due date for payment from your customers is pretty much common in businesses. Some reasons could be the large number of invoices that your business sends out to customers. For these situations, we have a somple solution: Email a manual reminder to your customer or set up an automated email reminder for them.

Manual Reminders

Manual reminders can be sent to customers having invoices in the Sent or Overdue status i.e. the invoice should have been sent to them or the due date for the payment has been crossed. Here’s how:

The invoice must be in Sent or Overdue status.

Editing the Reminders

To edit the content of the reminders:

Automated Reminders

Do you forget to send reminders to your customers periodically? Well, that happens when there are lots of reminders to be sent to huge number of customers. Don’t worry! You can set a reminder based on the due date or expected payment date and Zoho Books will take care of the rest! To set up automated reminders:

Based on Due Date

Zoho Books has 3 pre-loaded reminders for invoices and one default reminder for Bills. You can enable these reminders and set them with a criteria.

Based on Expected Payment Date

You can view Invoices or Bills that are near or have crossed their payment date. To enable this reminder, expected payment date needs to be chosen for the invoices.

Let’s take an example to see how to enable automated reminders for invoices based on the expected payment date. The same is applicable for bills.

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