Once you have configured your Zoho Books account you need to create a list of contacts. Every business has contacts, with whom transactions are performed. Contacts refer to organizations or individuals that you deal with in your business. These contacts could be:

Type Description
Customers Customers buy goods or services from you. Once you mark a contact as a customer in Zoho Books, you can transact with them through estimates, sales orders, invoices and credit notes.
Vendors Vendors sell goods and services to you. Once you mark a contact as a vendor in Zoho Books, you can transact with them through expenses, purchase orders and bills.

Managing Contacts

Let’s get started! You can View, Create, Edit and maintain a list of your contacts for easy reference anytime.

Recording Transactions

Let’s start billing! You can record sales transactions like invoices for your customers or purchase transactions like bills for your vendors directly from the contacts list.

View Contact Summary

View a complete synopsis of your business history with your customers or vendors.

Associating Templates

Select and associate unique templates with each contact.

Client Review

Do you want any feedback for your business? You can ask your customers to rate your service and request them to spread the word about your organization.

Import and Export Contacts

Have contacts in a file on your computer? Learn how to import and export contacts in XLS, CSV or TSV format.

Other Actions

You can perform various other actions for your contacts in Zoho Books.