1099 in Zoho Books

Setting Up 1099 in Zoho Books

To track payments made to your vendors for 1099:

Edit Contact


This will ensure that all your 1099 payments made to this contact is tracked.

Generating 1099 Reports


Date for 1099report

Unmatched 1099 screen

1099 rules

Report screen 1099

Please refer to the Threshold Limit Table found below.

Vendor information screen

Edit contact in 1099

Exclude from-1099 screen

Excluded from 1099

Box match

Exporting and Printing 1099 Report

Export and Printing 1099 report

Important points to double check

Threshold Limit Table

Box 1 Rents $ 600
Box 2 Royalties $ 10
Box 3 Other Income $ 600
Box 4 Federal Income Tax Withheld $ 5000
Box 5 Fishing Boat Proceeds $ 0
Box 6 Medical & Health Care Payments $ 600
Box 7 Non-employee Compensation $ 600
Box 8 Substitute Payments in Lieu of Dividends or Interest $ 10
Box 9 Direct Sales $ 5000
Box 10 Crop Insurance Proceeds $ 600
Box 13 Excess Golden Parachute Payments $ 0
Box 14 Gross Proceeds Paid to an Attorney $ 600

1099 Reporting with Zoho Books

As a business owner in the US, you will be required to send 1099 forms to independent contractors and freelancers whose services you hired for the previous calendar year, as mandated by the IRS.

With Zoho Books you can easily set up and report 1099 in a few simple steps. Zoho Books is integrated with track 1099 and tax 1099 to help you file your taxes online without any hassle.

This page guides you through the following path:

1099 in Zoho Books

Enable 1099 tracking for your contacts, set rules to match account types to a certain box and Zoho Books will take care of the rest. It really is as simple as that! Read more..

Filing with Yearli

Zoho Books is integrated with Yearli. Once you set up and run 1099 reports in Zoho Books, follow these instructions on how to file 1099 using Yearli. Read more.

Filing with Tax1099

Zoho Books is integrated with Tax1099. Set up and run 1099 reports in Zoho Books, file it online on tax1099 using these instructions. Read more.

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