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Reminder for shift Check-in and Check-out

Keep forgetfulness at bay as you can now set reminders to employees, to mark check-in and check-out entries. Reminders can be set before or after, a few hours or minutes from their Shift start and end time to assure timely check-ins and check-outs. Notifications can also be sent to inform reporting managers of missed out check-in entries.

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Checklists now merged with Tasks

Our existing 'Checklist' has been merged now with 'Tasks' for the best utility. You can now create checklists with both parallel and serial tasks and map them to workflows. Manual tasks irrespective of any record can also be triggered to get work done, effectively

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Restriction on Time Logs

Take complete control on logging time as you can now restrict your employees from logging time for paid and unpaid leave, future dates, weekends, etc.

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Zoho Projects integration for Leave

Applying for time-offs right from your Zoho Projects portal is now a possibility. Zoho People's integration with Zoho Projects is now extended to the leave module and helps you apply leave directly from Zoho Projects without having the need to access Zoho People once again.

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Enhancements in Approval Settings

With the latest enhancement in approval settings, apart from setting that the approval process should be re-triggered when a record is edited, you can also configure this re-trigger to happen based on editing of one or more fields that you set. 

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Experience the enhanced view of leave balance

Now, while applying leave, your users can see leave balance based on the settings that you configure. You can opt for the balance to be calculated based on different dates like the date of request etc. 

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Track all surplus leave taken as LOP

You can now mark any extra leave beyond the entitlement as LOP and track it in the LOP report. This way you can ensure that you are aware of all the surplus leave taken by your employees.

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Assign special access for Goals Module

With enhanced settings on the Performance module, you can now set view, add, edit and delete permissions for the Goals module for any of the employee look up fields in your Employee Form.

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Zoho Sign

Zoho People is now integrated with Zoho Sign and this means that you can send documents and contracts to get legally valid electronic signatures.

Attendance and Time Tracker reports in Report Scheduler

As a HR administrator, you always have the need to view some reports periodically. You can now use the Report Scheduler and have standard reports of Attendance and Time Tracker modules sent automatically to yourself or to any other desired recipients.

Anonymous Feedback

Safeguard employee relationships without any compromise in your processes. Enable anonymous feedback for your organization and facilitate employees to give feedback to each other within the department without revealing their identity.

Custom Administrator for Performance module

Give that additional safety cushion for your Performance module that contains the most sensitive data of your employees. Designate one of your administrators as the custom administrator for Performance module while assigning another role for the other administrators.

Approval Settings enhancements

Extra information is not always important. Define settings in your Approvals to restrict anyone other than approver(s) from seeing sensitive information like approver's comments.

General Attendance Settings

You now have the flexibility to decide how you would like to calculate minimum hours required for the day for your employees to be marked as present. Set either Manual hours and enter your desired hours for full day and half day or let this be calculated automatically from the Shift hours.

Shift based Attendance&Settings

Handling Shift based attendance settings is now easier with the help of advanced settings. You can create specific attendance settings for one or more shifts if you have multiple shifts in your organization. Not just this, you can also create different attendance settings for a single user or a group of users.


Custom Validation

Setting limits to the values entered in form fields is now possible with the new Custom Validation option. Enabling this in a form will allow restrictions to be imposed on values that are entered in any field of any form.

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Zapier Integration

Zoho People's integration with Zapier helps to automate tasks between a wide range of acclaimed web apps in the market. This configuration helps to connect with third party apps with a free flow of data using Zaps or Workflows. No coding or scripts are required but an one-time configuration is enough to automate tasks across different apps.

Approval Settings

With the new option in Approval Settings, requests that have been already sent for approval can be edited. You can also ensure that the approval process takes place without a hitch, because, now you can even set approvers for special scenarios where the request does not match a defined criteria or when there are no approvers available as the original approval configuration.

Payroll Report

The payroll report gives a count of the total number of days to be paid to an employee. The loss of pay details that is obtained from this report can help you proceed with your payroll processing easily.


Custom Action

Custom Action is another face of Automation as it enables you to manually add specialized actions. You can add customized buttons for different actions thereby making the system more flexible and Forms more customizable.Perform varied actions like triggering mail alerts, setting field updates, downloading documents etc using Custom Action and all of these right from the record.

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Shift Allowance and Location based Shift-mapping

You can now assign shifts to employees based on their locations too. Apart from this, you can also set different rates for the different shifts of your organization. Further more, you can consolidate the shift allowance amounts for an employee and utilize this data for your payroll too.

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Mail Merge

Zoho People integrates with Zoho writer now for a full fledged experience of creating standard templates. Make use of the mail merge option to create templates for your HR letters like Experience letters, Proof of address etc. You can also import the template and send the document thus created for e-signature.

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Zoho Projects integration with Zoho People

Our Time Tracker integrates with Zoho Projects for consistent tracking of time. You can pull the list of projects you have in Zoho Projects into Zoho People and track time for them easily.

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Like option for feeds

Internal communication just got better as the classic "Like" option is now available to like feeds, comments and other announcements.

KRA or Key Result Area

KRA or Key Result Area is simply a metric to measure the performance of employees. Next on the list after Goals and Skill sets, falls KRA as KRAs can be included in the appraisal cycle and the self-appraisal done by users. KRA steers employees to a more focused performance and helps in realizing one's own potential and standard.

Multi-rater feedback

Multi-rater feedbacks aid in garnering feedback on performance from individuals or indirect reviewers outside the operating team. Reviewers can get more insights on the performance of the employee with the help of feedback obtained from Multi-raters. The feedback thus obtained is also wholesome as it comes from different teams.



Create tasks and keep a track of all activities to be completed and assign task(s) to the respective employee to ensure accountability. Create workflows to have a task list triggered automatically as a result of an action. For instance, when an employee joins your organization, you can have a task list triggered with various task owners for onboarding of the employee to be completed.

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Cloning of Time Logs

Replicate the previous day or week or month's time logs with the cloning of Time Logs option. This feature lets you copy all the previous day/week/month's time log entries at one go without the need for entering the values all over again manually.

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DocuSign Integration

Zoho People integrates with DocuSign, a popular electronic signature software tool. DocuSign provides electronic signature technology and Digital Transaction Management services for facilitating electronic exchanges of contracts and signed documents.

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User to Non-User conversion

Now you can convert any employee to a contract/temporary employee or a non-user. A non-user will not be allowed to access your Zoho People organization account but, you can maintain their data. For instance, any external device they use such as a mobile to mark attendance or time on jobs will be captured in your account in real-time.

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Mail scheduler

You can trigger mails to be sent to employees on a scheduled date. This feature is independent of any trigger action in workflows.

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Customised view using filters

For certain modules like Leaves, Jobs and Projects we can create custom views using filters. Similar to form views, you can drag and drop fields and set filters to get the expected results. ​

Conditional based layout for form fields

In a form, fields can be shown or hidden based on conditions. Using if;then logic, conditions can be defined for a field to be visible or hidden based on the value selected in the previous fields.​

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Bulk File Upload - Form view data

If a form contains a file upload field, you can upload any number of files in bulk, in one shot. The form will need to have unique fields and the based on the field value you will need to name the file upload.

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Role based, form preview changes

During Form Customizations, you can preview a form based on the role(only for which fields permission is configured).

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Adobe Sign Integration

Integration with Adobe Sign enables you to send, sign, track and file contracts quickly and securely.

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Zoho Reports Integration

To generate reports of specific data that you require, Zoho People is integrated with Zoho Reports. You can create custom reports to present a custom view of data that can be exported in various formats.

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Shift Hours View

The attendance module gets a new Shift Hours View report. With this report, you can search and filter to view department members and their shift schedules. You can filter data of upto one week and export it to pdf and excel formats.

Set maximum log hours per employee in Time Tracker

A new option in time tracker allows you to impose a restriction on the number of log hours per day or per week. You can set the maximum number of hours that can be logged by employees in the 'Maximum log hours per day/week’option.