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Delegate Approvals with ease

If you are worried how your approvals will be handled while you are away from work, the Delegation feature comes to your rescue. You can nominate a person as your Delegatee and ensure all approvals are taken care of in your absence. You can even plan your Delegation in advance and ensure all work flows smoothly.

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A new payroll integration in the house!

Zoho People integrates with Paybooks, exclusively for India, for a simplified payroll experience. Basic details of your employees, operating location and loss of pay (LOP) data can be synced for an effortless payroll processing.

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Send approvals after validation

Approvals are crucial and they need not be hasty anymore. Any record that need approval can be sent when required, after due validation.

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Introducing 'Breaks' into your shift stream

Some organizations would like to specify break hours, paid and unpaid to better study employees' attendance behavior. You can now set different break times, either manual or automatic and calculate working hours.

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Password Protection for exported Time Tracker and Leave Tracker files

Exporting your Time Tracker and Leave Tracker files now comes with increased security. You can secure your exported files with a password, sent to your mail.

Password protection for Time Tracker files

Password protection for Leave Tracker files

User specific settings in Time Tracker

Time Tracker's User Settings lets you configure Time Log settings that are specific to User(s). This gives you the option to have certain permissions to a set of users, different from the rest.

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Approve at all levels in one go

Approvals get all the more easier.Approving at multi-levels in a single click is now a possibility, for administrators.

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Zoho People integration with Zoho Books/Zoho Invoice

Reap the full benefit of Zoho People's integration with Zoho Books/Zoho Invoice. Using this integration, you can have your approved time logs pushed automatically to Zoho Books/Zoho Invoice.

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Zoho People integration with Zoho Projects

Import your list of Projects from Zoho Projects, track time for them and push approved time logs to Zoho Projects.

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Take another step towards securing your data.

You can now enable password protection for the forms in your account and make sure that the data exported is secured with a password.

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Remind employees of something they love - 'Holidays'

While adding a holiday, now you can set a reminder to let your employees know about an upcoming holiday. 

Import locations in one go.

With the latest 'Import' option for locations, all it takes is a file upload with the list of your locations to have them set up on the system.  

Add files for multiple roles, locations and categories. 

With the current enhancement in 'Files', you can save time by adding Files tagged to multiple roles/locations/categories, all in a single shot.

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Keep unnecessary notifications at bay.

You are now empowered to unchain your inbox and 'Feeds' from notifications galore. Disable notifications for your organization right when you are defining your company settings. 

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Ensure you hide all personal data from prying eyes.

With the amount of personal data that the HR team handles, it is important to make sure you secure all personal information of your employees to abide by compliance standards. Encrypt all the fields that carry personal data of employees and ensure an advanced level of data security.

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Bulk Regularization

Adding multiple requests for attendance regularization is much simpler now. You can raise requests for a week or a month or even for a customized date range in a single shot.

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Location based Administrators

Allocate administrators for the various locations of your organization and empower them to have access to data across all modules and forms.

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Keeping a tab on duplicate records 

Apart from settings a field as unique, now you can group a set of fields as unique. This way, you can prevent duplicate entries from being added to this group of fields. Additionally, you can also make use of this feature while you do a bulk import of data for a form. 

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Assigning new employees to a Job/Project automatically

With the latest feature in Time Tracker, you can have new employees assigned automatically to Jobs and Projects by having these assigned to Departments. Further, you can also enable employees from different departments to work on the same Job or Project. 

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Competency and Module Weightage in Performance

Our Performance module gets precisional, as 'Competency' is now a part of our other evaluation modules like Goals and KRAs. You can also set specific weightage for modules while configuring your appraisal cycle.

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Audit history for Timesheets

Track all details pertaining to Timesheets with edits made and more with our new 'Audit History' option for Timesheets. This feature helps you know the complete history of a timesheet, starting from its creation to approval. 

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Half monthly and Bi weekly options in Pay Period Settings

With our newly enhanced Pay Period Settings, you can now configure pay period cycle on  half monthly and bi weekly basis, as per your unique organizational needs.

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Mobile Attendance Check-in/out restriction 

Zoho People now features settings to enable or disable mobile check-in and out. Enable settings to allow check-in and check-out done through mobile or disable in accordance to your company policy. 

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New options under Compensatory Off Settings

You can now restrict the duration, for which a compensatory off can be claimed.With the help of this new enhancement under settings, you can set restrictions from options like quarter day, half day and full day

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Reminder for shift Check-in and Check-out

Keep forgetfulness at bay as you can now set reminders to employees, to mark check-in and check-out entries. Reminders can be set before or after, a few hours or minutes from their Shift start and end time to assure timely check-ins and check-outs. Notifications can also be sent to inform reporting managers of missed out check-in entries.

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Checklists now merged with Tasks

Our existing 'Checklist' has been merged now with 'Tasks' for the best utility. You can now create checklists with both parallel and serial tasks and map them to workflows. Manual tasks irrespective of any record can also be triggered to get work done, effectively. 

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Restriction on Time Logs

Take complete control on logging time as you can now restrict your employees from logging time for paid and unpaid leave, future dates, weekends, etc.

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Zoho Projects integration for Leave

Applying for time-offs right from your Zoho Projects portal is now a possibility. Zoho People's integration with Zoho Projects is now extended to the leave module and helps you apply leave directly from Zoho Projects without having the need to access Zoho People once again.

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Enhancements in Approval Settings

With the latest enhancement in approval settings, apart from setting that the approval process should be re-triggered when a record is edited, you can also configure this re-trigger to happen based on editing of one or more fields that you set. 

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Experience the enhanced view of leave balance

Now, while applying leave, your users can see leave balance based on the settings that you configure. You can opt for the balance to be calculated based on different dates like the date of request etc. 

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Track all surplus leave taken as LOP

You can now mark any extra leave beyond the entitlement as LOP and track it in the LOP report. This way you can ensure that you are aware of all the surplus leave taken by your employees.

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Assign special access for Goals Module

With enhanced settings on the Performance module, you can now set view, add, edit and delete permissions for the Goals module for any of the employee look up fields in your Employee Form.

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Zoho Sign

Zoho People is now integrated with Zoho Sign and this means that you can send documents and contracts to get legally valid electronic signatures.

Attendance and Time Tracker reports in Report Scheduler

As a HR administrator, you always have the need to view some reports periodically. You can now use the Report Scheduler and have standard reports of Attendance and Time Tracker modules sent automatically to yourself or to any other desired recipients.

Anonymous Feedback

Safeguard employee relationships without any compromise in your processes. Enable anonymous feedback for your organization and facilitate employees to give feedback to each other within the department without revealing their identity.

Custom Administrator for Performance module

Give that additional safety cushion for your Performance module that contains the most sensitive data of your employees. Designate one of your administrators as the custom administrator for Performance module while assigning another role for the other administrators.

Approval Settings enhancements

Extra information is not always important. Define settings in your Approvals to restrict anyone other than approver(s) from seeing sensitive information like approver's comments.

General Attendance Settings

You now have the flexibility to decide how you would like to calculate minimum hours required for the day for your employees to be marked as present. Set either Manual hours and enter your desired hours for full day and half day or let this be calculated automatically from the Shift hours.

Shift based Attendance&Settings

Handling Shift based attendance settings is now easier with the help of advanced settings. You can create specific attendance settings for one or more shifts if you have multiple shifts in your organization. Not just this, you can also create different attendance settings for a single user or a group of users.


Custom Validation

Setting limits to the values entered in form fields is now possible with the new Custom Validation option. Enabling this in a form will allow restrictions to be imposed on values that are entered in any field of any form.

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Zapier Integration

Zoho People's integration with Zapier helps to automate tasks between a wide range of acclaimed web apps in the market. This configuration helps to connect with third party apps with a free flow of data using Zaps or Workflows. No coding or scripts are required but an one-time configuration is enough to automate tasks across different apps.

Approval Settings

With the new option in Approval Settings, requests that have been already sent for approval can be edited. You can also ensure that the approval process takes place without a hitch, because, now you can even set approvers for special scenarios where the request does not match a defined criteria or when there are no approvers available as the original approval configuration.

Payroll Report

The payroll report gives a count of the total number of days to be paid to an employee. The loss of pay details that is obtained from this report can help you proceed with your payroll processing easily.


Zoho Projects integration with Zoho People

Our Time Tracker integrates with Zoho Projects for consistent tracking of time. You can pull the list of projects you have in Zoho Projects into Zoho People and track time for them easily.

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Like option for feeds

Internal communication just got better as the classic "Like" option is now available to like feeds, comments and other announcements.

KRA or Key Result Area

KRA or Key Result Area is simply a metric to measure the performance of employees. Next on the list after Goals and Skill sets, falls KRA as KRAs can be included in the appraisal cycle and the self-appraisal done by users. KRA steers employees to a more focused performance and helps in realizing one's own potential and standard.

Multi-rater feedback

Multi-rater feedbacks aid in garnering feedback on performance from individuals or indirect reviewers outside the operating team. Reviewers can get more insights on the performance of the employee with the help of feedback obtained from Multi-raters. The feedback thus obtained is also wholesome as it comes from different teams.


Mail Merge

Zoho People integrates with Zoho writer now for a full fledged experience of creating standard templates. Make use of the mail merge option to create templates for your HR letters like Experience letters, Proof of address etc. You can also import the template and send the document thus created for e-signature.

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Shift Allowance and Location based Shift-mapping

You can now assign shifts to employees based on their locations too. Apart from this, you can also set different rates for the different shifts of your organization. Further more, you can consolidate the shift allowance amounts for an employee and utilize this data for your payroll too.

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Custom Action

Custom Action is an aspect of Automation as it enables you to manually add specialized actions. You can add customized buttons for different actions thereby making the system more flexible and Forms more customizable. Perform varied actions like triggering mail alerts, setting field updates, downloading documents etc using Custom Action and all of these right from the record.

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Create tasks and keep a track of all activities to be completed and assign task(s) to the respective employee to ensure accountability. Create workflows to have a task list triggered automatically as a result of an action. For instance, when an employee joins your organization, you can have a task list triggered with various task owners for onboarding of the employee to be completed.

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Cloning of Time Logs

Replicate the previous day or week or month's time logs with the cloning of Time Logs option. This feature lets you copy all the previous day/week/month's time log entries at one go without the need for entering the values all over again manually.


DocuSign Integration

Zoho People integrates with DocuSign, a popular electronic signature software tool. DocuSign provides electronic signature technology and Digital Transaction Management services for facilitating electronic exchanges of contracts and signed documents.

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User to Non-User conversion

Now you can convert any employee to a contract/temporary employee or a non-user. A non-user will not be allowed to access your Zoho People organization account but, you can maintain their data. For instance, any external device they use such as a mobile to mark attendance or time on jobs will be captured in your account in real-time.


Mail scheduler

You can trigger mails to be sent to employees on a scheduled date. This feature is independent of any trigger action in workflows.

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Conditional based layout for form fields

In a form, fields can be shown or hidden based on conditions. Using if;then logic, conditions can be defined for a field to be visible or hidden based on the value selected in the previous fields.​

Customised view using filters

For certain modules like Leaves, Jobs and Projects we can create custom views using filters. Similar to form views, you can drag and drop fields and set filters to get the expected results. ​


Bulk File Upload - Form view data

If a form contains a file upload field, you can upload any number of files in bulk, in one shot. The form will need to have unique fields and the based on the field value you will need to name the file upload.

Role based, form preview changes

During Form Customizations, you can preview a form based on the role(only for which fields permission is configured).

Adobe Sign Integration

Integration with Adobe Sign enables you to send, sign, track and file contracts quickly and securely.

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Zoho Reports Integration

To generate reports of specific data that you require, Zoho People is integrated with Zoho Reports. You can create custom reports to present a custom view of data that can be exported in various formats.


Shift Hours View

The attendance module gets a new Shift Hours View report. With this report, you can search and filter to view department members and their shift schedules. You can filter data of upto one week and export it to pdf and excel formats.

Set maximum log hours per employee in Time Tracker

A new option in time tracker allows you to impose a restriction on the number of log hours per day or per week. You can set the maximum number of hours that can be logged by employees in the 'Maximum log hours per day/week’option.



New pricing plan

No matter the size of your business, managing your workforce is essential. To give fledgling businesses the advantage of our HRMS, Zoho People introduces a new pricing plan. Get more features for a pocket-friendly price with the new Startup Plan.


Automatic Shift Scheduling

No more marking calendars and updating excel sheets with employee shift information. The Attendance module in Zoho People is enhanced with automatic shift scheduling. With a click of a button an easy system can be created where employee shifts can be scheduled based on roles and departments and employees notified beforehand about the change in their shifts. You can rotate shifts periodically with the automated scheduler. Conflicts in shift assignments can be resolved easily as the system flags an error when an employee is assigned to more than one shift at a time.

Complete attendance views on Android and iOS

Weekly and monthly views of attendance in full detail is now available on Android and iOS. Check your attendance details for any week or any month in a year. A shortlist of your leaves (weekly or monthly) and number of days that you were present are shown too. And, to keep it simple, the app lets you check in or out from the same page where you can view your attendance. You also won't lose important updates as you have access to the notification feed on the same screen.


Record Template

Earlier, record templates would allow you to edit areas in the template like name before sending out to the employees. With the new record template attachment feature, you can include record templates right within your workflows. For instance, to automatically send salary slips to employees every month, you can add a record template (selecting the employee ID) in the workflow that triggers an email to employees every month with their salary slips.

Lookup Filter

Normally, filters are used to trickle information into categories for easier processing. With a lookup filter, it is a tad different. Adding lookup filters to a form enables the administrators to provide a restricted view for employees when inputting in a form. For example, a training form with a lookup filter allows employees to only see the training sessions according to their eligibility and select accordingly. These restrictions keeps it simple for the employee and restricts them from applying to closed or non-eligible training sessions.


Self Service Calendar view

With the enhancement to Self Service, it’s easier now to view all your data and perform multiple actions from a single location instead of accessing the respective modules to complete the actions.

Announcement Search

To find something specific in announcements, you can now input search values. You can search for names, topic, comments, HR updates and more.

Report Schedule

You can now schedule daily, weekly, monthly or yearly reports for any activity. For example, you can schedule delivery of travel requests or employee resignation reports to your inbox at the end of each month.



Restricted Holidays

Introducing a new addition to holidays. You can now add Restricted holidays in your holiday calendar, for all regions. With the new feature, you can limit employees from taking more than the stipulated number of restricted or optional holidays. For instance, if you allow employees to take only three out of seven restricted holidays in a year, they can only apply for three restricted holiday leaves.


Introducing Zoho People 3.0

Zoho People is getting a better look and feel with a brand new UI. We present a new, sleek interface, designed for easy navigability and coupled with smart features to make your experience better.


Compensatory off management

Compensatory leave management is introduced in Zoho People as a system defined leave-type. Organizations can now track an employee's working hours on non-business days to be compensated in the form of leaves, in the future. Compensatory off requests can be sent to managers for approval. Additionally, you can enable employees to add a comp off record manually from the leave tracker or have it automated using the scheduler. The scheduler automatically converts TOIL days to a compensatory off request.


Now, your employees can correct their attendance on their own with approval.

This feature in Zoho People is the most needed and the most helpful feature for both the employees and the HR. For the employees, they can correct their own attendance time whenever it's needed with their manager's approval. The approval to the manager gets automatically triggered, so that the HR doesn't get any additional work to correct the attendance time. If the employees are using only the web check-in and check out option there are a lot of possibilities to forget either check-in or check out at times. In that case, the employees can raise the attendance regularization approval requests to correct their attendance hours.



Clear and accurate classification of leave types for payroll is now in Zoho People!

We have done a clear classification of leave types in attendance reports such as Absent, Present, LOP (Loss Of Pay), Leave, Holiday, Weekend, Marked for TOIL (Time Off In Lieu) and On Duty. The report is also color-coded for the specific leave types and allows you to generate daily report, monthly hours report, monthly status report, custom report and user report. The reports can be viewed by filtering for a specific department, location and for a specific time period and also export reports in XLS format. The leave balance report contains the following details: Paid leave - It is a casual leave or a sick leave, Unpaid leave - This leave is considered as LOP (Loss Of Pay) and Absent, On Duty - This leave is considered as a working day. All we have done is an extensive integration between our Absent & Leave modules which in turn help you to pull accurate reports for payroll purposes.


Regulate the impact of employees absence by using our "Absent Scheduler"

Employee absence has a huge impact on any organization and our Zoho People provides you the best way to overcome this problem by introducing the feature called "Absent Scheduler". It pushes the absent entries of the employees from the attendance module to the leave tracker module. The employees can convert the absent leave type entry into other leave type entries configured and a workflow can also be triggered to send a mail notification about his/her absence. Moreover, you can schedule the absent scheduler with respect to any particular location, roles, department, designation or user. This reminds the employees about applying for a leave and an automated e-mail notification can also be triggered by configuring a workflow using our automation module. This feature helps you to manage leave policies so you can minimize compliance risk. And in addition, you can also identify workers with attendance issues so you can improve workforce productivity.


Let's get enhanced with Zoho people's enhanced formula expressions

Now our Zoho People's formula fields are very much advanced since the date and time function gets automatically updated daily. We have enhanced our formula expressions by four types of built-in functions such as Numeric, String, DataTime and Boolean functions, additional supported field types and increased the number of operators. The administrators can create and make use of these formula expressions for multiple use cases like updating salary details, calculating reimbursements, work experience, age etc.,

You can now share the forms views to Employees/Department/Role/Location wise.

Zoho people has now come up with an extra added functionality in view sharing. Initially you were only allowed to share the views with all of your employees, but now you have an option to share a particular view either to all of the employees in your organization or to a specific user or department or location or role and notifications will be sent to them through feeds. This functionality helps the administrators to share the views to corresponding employees.


Single click is all needed now to import all of your users directly into your organization!

On Users Import page, Zoho People now offer you to import users directly and this feature is very much useful when there are many employees in your organization. All you need to do is to select the file and the domain which has to be imported in order to import the respective the domain users.


An important additional feature is added in the leave tracker with regards to new joiner entitlement details

It's now possible to set the restrictions for the new joiner based on the date of joining and leave count for the month in addition to the other functions such as calculated employee's leave report from the date of joining, provide business days which will consider only the business days (i.e. working days) and will exclude all other holidays like festival holidays, weekends etc., provide calendar days, which will count all the calendar days, including the business days, holidays and weekends. Moreover, give an initial value, during the probation period, which is very helpful for the newly joined employees who may not be allowed to avail the maximum leave count until he/she completes the probation period.

Zoho People now offer you a bulk import option in the time tracker module!

You can now able to do a bulk import to import jobs or projects or clients from the Zoho CRM Account or CRM Contact or CRM Potential. This way, you can quickly import and add bulk users with ease.

From now on, you can subscribe to Zoho People in INR currency as well!

On demand from quite a lot of customers, we have added one more currency type INR to our subscription type apart from the USD.


Successful and failed webhooks - Zoho People provides you a list of successful and failed webhooks along with details, for a better understanding of the error messages.

The successful and failed webhooks are listed with details such as webhook name, form name, associated record, latest invoke time, redo an action and the response message.

Multi-select lookup field - Creation of multiple selection list and check box list is now possible with Zoho People's form customization.

Using this feature, you can select multiple employees in the same form. This saves you time instead of adding single entries in each form. For example, multiple employees travel abroad for conferences. The staff at the travel desk can create a sinlge form, using multi-select lookup field and select multiple employees simaltaneously.


Time Tracker API - Our Zoho people's time tracker API is one of the most important and highly expected feature that lets you manage clients, projects, jobs, time logs, timer, timesheets and general settings in the time tracker module.

The functionality of using the time tracker API is as follows: Client API is used to get the list of clients, to add, to modify and to delete the clients. Project API is used to get the list of projects, to add, to modify, to change project status and to delete the projects. Job API is used to get the list of jobs and job details, to add or assign, to modify, to delete, to change the job status and to check add job permission. Time log API is used to get time logs, to add, to modify and to delete the time logs. Timer API is used to start a new timer, to pause/resume an existing timer, to get a current running timer, to get, to add and to delete the comments for a timer log. Timesheet API is used to get timesheet, to create, to modify and to delete the timesheet. General settings API is used to get the general settings of the time tracker.

Monthly attendance report - It illustrates the employee attendance details for a month.

This report is color-coded for Absent, Present, Leave, Holiday, Weekend, Half day Present and Half day Leave. Using filters, you can generate monthly reports for a specific department, location, employee name, specific date period and employee profiles. You can also export a monthly report in the XLS format.


Add user directly - Zoho People now lets you add users directly to the organization once the domain verification is complete.

This method is easy and time-saving for the administrators. It eliminates the extra step of sending invitation mails to the users and you need not wait for them to accept the invitation to become an active user of your organization.


Embed forms with login access - It helps to provide privacy for the embed URL.

Zoho People let you embed Forms in your website, wiki or blogs just by pasting the embed url of the form. The embed forms with login access will be a private URL and provides access to the embedded form, only by login.


Date based action - Until field - The date based action feature is now upgraded with the addition of the "Until" field where you configure settings to send reminders automatically to employees until an event is executed.

Once configured, the workflow gets executed automatically based on the start date until the end date. Now it becomes easy for you to remind your employees until their training date and time through Email.

Localization - Zoho People is now extending its service by localizing the user interface for the following languages:

Hebrew, Spanish and Vietnamese. Zoho People is already available in Arabic, French, German, Dutch, Swedish, Portuguese, Italian, Korean, Russian and Chinese.


Mobile App for Zoho People - Using this app you can stay connected to your organization from anywhere and anytime.

To quickly access your organizational employee directory, instant check-in and check-out, log time at once and to apply leave immediately right from within your Apple or Android mobiles.

Field Update - The field gets updated automatically with the new values in the related form when the corresponding rule is triggered.

To automatically update the value in the related form by selecting or providing the specific lookup value in the form. This feature is very useful to avoid manual value entries in the related forms and thus saves time.