People - What's New 2018



Password Protection for exported Time Tracker and Leave Tracker files

Exporting your Time Tracker and Leave Tracker files now comes with increased security. You can secure your exported files with a password, sent to your mail.

Password protection for Time Tracker files

Password protection for Leave Tracker files

User specific settings in Time Tracker

Time Tracker's User Settings lets you configure Time Log settings that are specific to User(s). This gives you the option to have certain permissions to a set of users, different from the rest.

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Approve at all levels in one go

Approvals get all the more easier.Approving at multi-levels in a single click is now a possibility, for administrators.

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Zoho People integration with Zoho Books/Zoho Invoice

Reap the full benefit of Zoho People's integration with Zoho Books/Zoho Invoice. Using this integration, you can have your approved time logs pushed automatically to Zoho Books/Zoho Invoice.

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Zoho People integration with Zoho Projects

Import your list of Projects from Zoho Projects, track time for them and push approved time logs to Zoho Projects.

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Take another step towards securing your data.

You can now enable password protection for the forms in your account and make sure that the data exported is secured with a password.

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Remind employees of something they love - 'Holidays'

While adding a holiday, now you can set a reminder to let your employees know about an upcoming holiday. 

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Import locations in one go.

With the latest 'Import' option for locations, all it takes is a file upload with the list of your locations to have them set up on the system.  

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Add files for multiple roles, locations and categories. 

With the current enhancement in 'Files', you can save time by adding Files tagged to multiple roles/locations/categories, all in a single shot.

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Keep unnecessary notifications at bay.

You are now empowered to unchain your inbox and 'Feeds' from notifications galore. Disable notifications for your organization right when you are defining your company settings. 

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Ensure you hide all personal data from prying eyes.

With the amount of personal data that the HR team handles, it is important to make sure you secure all personal information of your employees to abide by compliance standards. Encrypt all the fields that carry personal data of employees and ensure an advanced level of data security.

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Bulk Regularization

Adding multiple requests for attendance regularization is much simpler now. You can raise requests for a week or a month or even for a customized date range in a single shot.

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Location based Administrators

Allocate administrators for the various locations of your organization and empower them to have access to data across all modules and forms.

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Keeping a tab on duplicate records 

Apart from settings a field as unique, now you can group a set of fields as unique. This way, you can prevent duplicate entries from being added to this group of fields. Additionally, you can also make use of this feature while you do a bulk import of data for a form. 

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Assigning new employees to a Job/Project automatically

With the latest feature in Time Tracker, you can have new employees assigned automatically to Jobs and Projects by having these assigned to Departments. Further, you can also enable employees from different departments to work on the same Job or Project. 

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Competency and Module Weightage in Performance

Our Performance module gets precisional, as 'Competency' is now a part of our other evaluation modules like Goals and KRAs. You can also set specific weightage for modules while configuring your appraisal cycle.

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Audit history for Timesheets

Track all details pertaining to Timesheets with edits made and more with our new 'Audit History' option for Timesheets. This feature helps you know the complete history of a timesheet, starting from its creation to approval. 

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Half monthly and Bi weekly options in Pay Period Settings

With our newly enhanced Pay Period Settings, you can now configure pay period cycle on  half monthly and bi weekly basis, as per your unique organizational needs.

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Mobile Attendance Check-in/out restriction 

Zoho People now features settings to enable or disable mobile check-in and out. Enable settings to allow check-in and check-out done through mobile or disable in accordance to your company policy. 

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New options under Compensatory Off Settings

You can now restrict the duration, for which a compensatory off can be claimed.With the help of this new enhancement under settings, you can set restrictions from options like quarter day, half day and full day

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