Zoho People Reports

Zoho People Reports gives you access to reports of all services from a single, consolidated space.

All the reports can be accessed by clicking the Reports icon on the bottom left corner of your screen.


What is the advantage of a consolidated view?

  • View the big picture and draw insights more coherently.
  • Reports are split comprehensively - as My Reports, Team Reports and Organization Reports.
  • View multiple reports easily without switching many tabs.

All reports are categorized into three types.

My Reports

My reports cover all the data and information that an employee can view about themselves such as their leave balance and appraisal ratings.

Team Reports

Team reports cover all information that a manager can view about their reportees or that an employee can view about their team.

Organization Reports

Organization reports cover all information that an admin can view about the entire organization.

Click on the star icon beside any report that you frequently use to add it under My favorites.

Analytics and Advanced Analytics

If you have integrated with Analytics or Advanced Analytics, you can view those reports here.

Learn more about Analytics and Advanced Analytics.


What insights can you draw from Zoho People reports?

This section houses the reports of all modules, namely, Attendance, Leave, Timesheet, Cases,LMS, Files, Performance, Employee Information and Office readiness.

It also shows the analytics and advanced analytics reports if you have the integration enabled.

Employee Information reports

These reports provide important statistics that aid in key decision-making on an organizational level such as resource planning and budgeting.

Reports under Employee Information:

  1. Dashboard
  2. Headcount
  3. Employee addition trend
  4. Employee attrition trend
  5. Diversity
  6. Distribution
  7. Experience wise exit

Attendance reports

Attendance reports can give vital information on a daily basis and also on overall attendance patterns to alert a manager or an administrator wherever there are red flags so it can be addressed in time.

Reports under Attendance:

  1. Daily attendance status
  2. Early/late check-in and check-out
  3. Employee present/absent status
  4. Presence hours break-up
  5. Attendance data for payroll
  6. Muster roll
  7. Overtime details

Leave reports

Reports under this section can give you insights into employee absenteeism and overall unhealthy leave patterns that may impact the growth of an organization.

Reports under Leave:

  1. Daily leave status
  2. Resource availability
  3. Employee leave balance
  4. Leave booked and balance
  5. Leave type wise summary
  6. Bradford score
  7. Leave encashment details
  8. Loss of pay details
  9. Leave data for payroll

Timesheet reports

These reports provide crucial data right from job and project completion, to productivity levels of employees or contract workers using time logs.

Reports under Timesheet:

  1. Time Logs
  2. Jobs status
  3. Projects status
  4. Logged hours for clients
  5. Employee logged hours
  6. Timesheet data for payroll
  7. Scheduled vs Worked hours
  8. Generate and view bills
  9. Integrations

Performance reports

Performance reports offer a detailed look into performance aspects right from employee ratings to overall performance trends through tools such as the nine-box matrix.

Reports under Performance:

  1. Goals
  2. Employee skill sets
  3. Feedback on employee
  4. Continuous review (score, average, summary)
  5. Appraisal status
  6. Appraisal ratings
  7. Appraisal score
  8. Salary hike status
  9. Nine-box matrix
  10. Feedback on appraisal
  11. Appraisal ratings history

LMS (Learning Management System) reports

Reports in LMS give you an overview of the training and learning initiatives by your trainers, and the engagement and the progress levels of your employees.

Reports under LMS:

  1. Course types
  2. Location wise courses
  3. Course categories
  4. Course ratings
  5. Course materials
  6. Trainer vs Course category
  7. Trainer ratings
  8. Location wise trainers
  9. Learner vs Course category
  10. Location wise learners
  11. Learner progress status

Cases reports

Reports in this section give you an understanding of how effectively queries are being managed including feedback on the experience from the employee.

Reports under Cases:

  1. Request vs Closed
  2. Overall status
  3. Requested vs Escalated
  4. Feedback

Files reports

Reports that give data on space usage for personal uploads and policy acknowledgement are a part of the files reports section.

Reports under Files:

  1. Personal uploads
  2. Acknowledgement receipts

Office Readiness reports

This section contains the daily premises report that can be used to view details on the current capacity of each premises in the organization.

  1. Daily premises capacity

Report Settings

Report Settings includes Access Permissions that lets Admins define the access to the entire reports sections and individual reports. Access to individual reports can be altered to provide access only selected roles. An entire reports section can also be disabled for the organization if required. It also contains the Scheduler to automate sharing of reports to employees.

To access Report Settings, click the settings (gear icon) on the top right corner of the Reports page.

Access permissions

Options to restrict access to an entire reports section and also to refine access to specific reports by giving exclusive access to selected roles can be found in this section.It can in no way grant access by overriding default user access permissions to reports.

For example, the Employee leave balance report is accessible to all Team Managers by default. If you want only the Admins in your organization to view this report, you can select only Admin under applicability. Now, all employees under the Team Manager role will not be able to view this report.

These options are available section wise, under My Reports, Team Reports and Organization Reports.

Use the toggle icon to disable an entire reports section for the organization.

Use the toggle icon beside each report to enable or disable it. To set access permissions for each report, click on the report name or the lock icon beside the report.

You can set role based permissions for each report by selecting the applicable roles under Applicability.


To automate sharing reports with a selected set of recipients, learn more about Reports scheduler.