Appraisal Process

Appraisal Process

Starting an Appraisal Process

  • To begin the appraisal cycle, go to Performance>Settings> Appraisal Cycle>Add
  • Give a name and enter the period for which the appraisal is applicable
  • Give a description if needed
  • Enter the Process Period and the Self Appraisal Period
Note: Process period is the time taken for the appraisal cycle to get completed.

The Self appraisal period is the period within which employees should complete their self-appraisal.

  • Under 'Modules to be included' you can either select KRA or Goals or KRA vs Goals

Note: You can either do the performance review by the KRAs/Goals added or have Goals mapped to the KRAs and give a rating for them.

There are some email alerts that are already configured to notify employees when the appraisal cycle starts, to remind reviewers to complete their review etc. You can customize these mail alerts or also add new email alerts as required.

 Tip : To customize the already configured email alerts, go to Settings > Automation > Workflow. Click on the respective workflow to edit it. Click here to know how to create new email alerts.

  • Attach any document for Self Appraisal if needed from your desktop
  • If you would like to enable Multi - Rater feedback, check the box
  • Give a cut-off date within which the multi raters review should be completed
  • Select the modules for which Multi Rater feedback should be included
  • Set whether the Multi rater(s) should be chosen by the User or by the Reporting Manager
  • Give a maximum and minimum number of Multi-Raters that should be chosen
  • Enter the Review Period and Normalization Period

Note: Review Period is the time frame for the review to get completed.

Normalization period refers to the period within which the feedback, summary etc should be collated.

  • Enter the details in the Appraisal Process Configuration Details
  • Under Applicable for, you can define who are eligible for the appraisal. You can set a joining date range defining that employees who join in this range are eligible for the appraisal cycle
  • Enter details like Location, Role, and Department for which the appraisal cycle is applicable 
  • Under 'Fields to be published', make a selection based on what you would like your employees to view as their Appraisal Process result
  • Under Rating, edit existing rating or add new ones if needed
  • Under Reviewers, you can define the number of levels of appraisal that you would like to have. This also includes any external reviewer (other than reporting to) that you would like to select
  • Click Submit 

Once the appraisal cycle is started, employees will be able to do the self-appraisal, Multi-Rates can give their rating and managers can do the review for their subordinates and the final rating can be given.

Appraisal Notifications

There are some notifications that are already configured for each step of performance evaluation. Notifications will be sent automatically as and when each step gets completed in the appraisal process. 

You can customize these notifications.

  • From your home page, go to Performance > Settings > Customize Forms

You will be able to see all the configured mail alerts.

  • Click on the Edit icon to edit the mail alert

You can also disable the notifications under Automation > Workflow

The salary of the employees should be in the system for the updated salary after appraisal to be reflected.

To add or import employee salary:

  • From your home page, go to Performance > Employee Salary

  • Add Salary or Import salary details in one go

During the review, once the hiked amount is entered, the consolidated amount will be calculated based on the salary details that have been added/imported.

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