Custom Admin for Performance

Although you may have many administrators for your account, you may have the need to restrict access to the Performance Module to one or two administrators. You will be able to do this with Custom Admin option. Follow the steps given below to do this.

  • From your home page, go to Performance > Settings > General Settings
  • Under 'Custom Admin', check the 'Enable Custom Admin' box
  • Under 'Performance Module Administrator(s)', select the administrators who are specific for this module alone
  • Under 'Select role for other administrators', select the role
  • Click Submit

Note 1: The other administrators of the organization will be assigned to this role for the Performance Module alone. For the other modules, they will continue to be the administrators.

Note 2: Non-admin Users who have been added as Administrators for Performance module through Admin Operations (User Access Control > Permissions > Admin Operations) will continue to remain as administrators for the module.


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