The feedback module aids in receiving continuous feedback from not just the manager of the employee, but also from the employee's peers and other team members. Constructive feedback can go a long way in improving one's performance in the organization. 

Feedback Types and Feedback Categories

There are three types of feedback that you can enable using Zoho People, for your organization.As an administrator, you will be able to enable the type of feedback that will suit your organization.

Peer-to-Peer - In this type of feedback, an employee can give feedback to another employee of the same department or organization. Feedback can be given to anyone other than the Reporting manager.

Reporting to - In this type of feedback, the manager gives feedback to the team members who are their direct reports.

360 Degree - Under 360-degree feedback, an employee can give feedback to everyone in the department or organization including the manager.

Whether feedback applies within the department or the organization depends on the settings configured under Performance > Settings > General Settings > Feedback.

Go to Performance > Settings > Feedback to enable the feedback types that you want to use.

Feedback categories can be used to classify the feedback given. There are some categories available by default and you can add new ones by clicking the + icon in this space. You can also enable or disable any of these categories as per your usage. However, at least one category must remain enabled.

To give your feedback, go to My Review > Feedback tab. Click here to learn more about settings for Feedback. 

You can use the given categories to classify the type of feedback you are giving – Reward, Improvement, Positive, Negative and so on. 

Select the person for whom you are giving the feedback by searching for them in the drop-down as indicated above.

A consolidated view of all feedback received can be viewed in the Feedback report.

Note: Feedback can be given at any point of the year irrespective of the appraisal cycle.

Anonymous Feedback

This is possible if you have enabled Anonymous feedback for your organization. Anonymous feedback helps the feedback mechanism working and also ensures a healthy relationship between members of a department. 

To enable Anonymous feedback,

  1. Go to Performance > Settings > General Settings
  2. Enable Anonymous feedback​

Once this is enabled, follow the steps given below to give anonymous feedback

  1. Go to Performance > My Review > Feedback
  2. Type the feedback, select the recipient of the feedback from the drop-down
  3. Check Anonymous and click Submit

The feedback will be sent to the intended recipient without revealing the identity of the person who has given the feedback.