Types of Feedback

There are three types of feedback that you can enable using Zoho People, for your organization.

As an administrator, you will be able to enable the type of feedback that will suit your organization.

Peer to peer - This is the feedback given to members of the same departments to each other. Feedback can be given to anyone other than the Reporting manager.

Reporting to - In this type of feedback, the manager gives feedback to the team members who are their direct reports.

360 degree - Under 360-degree feedback, an employee can give feedback to everyone in the department including the manager.

Note: Feedback can be given at any point of the year irrespective of the appraisal cycle.


Defining Feedback

  • To define the feedback type, go to Performance > Settings > Feedback

  • The feedback type can be enabled or disabled by clicking on it

Multi-rater Feedback

Multi-rater feedback is a method by which a manager can assess the performance of his/her subordinates. This is useful in scenarios where the employees' performance can be rated by someone other than the reporting manager. For example, if an employee is working on a project with some other employees, then the rating can be obtained from these employees.

There are two ways of selecting Multi-raters.

1. The first method is where the employees/reviewees can select the multi-raters themselves. In this case, if Approvals are configured, then the Reporting Manager gets to approve/reject the multi-raters who are chosen by the employee.

2. In the second method, the Reporting Manager/Admin selects the multi-raters.

The rating given by the multi-raters can be for KRAs/Goals or KRA Vs Goals depending on the modules selected. Similarly, you can decide whether to include Multi-raters' feedback as part of the Appraisal Cycle. If it is included as part of the Appraisal Cycle, then the rating should be given by employees (if self-appraisal is included), then the rating will be given for the chosen modules by the multi-raters. As the final step, the Reviewer will rate the employees and publish the rating if required, depending on the configuration set under Performance > Settings > Appraisal Cycle > Add > Publish Configuration > Publisher(s)

The Multi-rater review is done by making use of a form. So, as the first step, you need to first enable the Multi-rater Review form. To do this

  • From your home page, go to Settings > Customization > Forms
  • Select Performance under Service Name
  • Ensure that the Multi-rater Review form is enabled

This form can be customized with fields as per your needs. In case you are not using KRA or Goals to assess performance, you can add some fields based on which you would like to have the feedback given by the Multi-raters. You can also use this in addition to the KRAs or Goals.

Once you have enabled this form, you will be able to see the Multi-rater feedback section in the Appraisal Cycle.

To add an Appraisal Cycle

  • From your home page, go to Performance > Settings > Appraisal Cycle
  • Click on 'Add'
  • Enter values under each section
  • Under Multi-rater Feedback, check the 'Enable' box
  • Give a cut-off date if needed
  • Under Modules to be included, you will see the modules that you enabled. (KRA/Goals/KRA Vs Goals). Check the appropriate box based on your need
  • Under Assessor(s) selected by, if you select 'User', then users will be able to select their Multi-raters. If you select 'Reporting Manager', then the Reporting Managers can only select the Multi-raters
  • Give a minimum and a maximum number for Assessors
  • Define the other periods like Review Period, Normalization period etc and click 'Submit'

Once you have finished creating the Appraisal cycle, self-appraisal will be done by employees (if included). This will be followed by the Multi-raters' review (if included) and finally the Reporting manager can give his/her rating for the employee.

To select Multi-raters:

  • Go to Performance > My Review > Multi-rater Selection
  • Select the employee who has to be made as the Multi-rater
  • Click on 'Submit for Approval'

Note: Approvals should have been configured for this.

 TipClick here to know how to do Approvals.

Once the request is submitted for Approval, the Reporting Manager can Approve/ Reject it by going to Performance > Team Mates > Multi-rater Approvals.

Once, the User selects the Multi-raters, the Multi-raters will receive an email with the Multi-rater Review form (based on email configurations under Settings > Workflow). They can give their rating in the form. Once this is done, the Reporting Manager can complete their rating by following the steps given below.

  • Go to Performance > Team Mates > Appraisee View
  • Click on the Employee Name
  • Rate the KRA/Goals/KRA Vs Goals if required
  • Go to Review
  • View the feedback given by Multi-raters under Multi-rater Feedback
  • Click on Review and complete the review

  • Click Submit

The ratings done by self/Multi-raters/Reporting Manager, will be for the modules that you have chosen in the Appraisal Cycle.

Alternatively, the reporting-manager can also choose the multi-raters.

As per your organization policies, you may have set that the user/appraisee should select the multi-raters. However, in case of scenarios like long leave, unexpected leave or in cases where the user/appraisee has not selected the multi raters within the cut-off date, you cannot keep the Appraisal process waiting. In such scenarios, the Reporting Manager of the user/appraisee will, by default have the permission to add multi-raters for the cycle.

To add Multi-raters for the Appraisee, follow the steps given below.

  • From your home page, go to Performance > Team Mates > Multi-Rater selection
  • Click the Appraisee name for whom you would like to add Multi-Rater(s)
  • Under 'Users', select the appropriate name
  • Click on the '+ Add Row' icon to add more than one Multi - Rater
  • Click Submit

Note:There won't be any approvals involved here since the Multi - Raters are chosen by the Reporting Manager himself/herself.


Anonymous Feedback

This is possible if you have enabled Anonymous feedback for your organization. Anonymous feedback helps the feedback mechanism working and also ensures a healthy relationship between members of a department. 

To enable Anonymous feedback,

  • From your self-service page, go to Performance > Settings > General Settings
  • Enable Anonymous feedback

Once this is enabled, follow the steps given below to give anonymous feedback

  • From Self-service page, go to Performance > My Review > Feedback
  • Type the feedback, select the recipient of the feedback from the drop down
  • Check the 'Anonymous' box and click Submit

The feedback will be sent to the intended recipient as an anonymous one.

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