The feedback module aids in receiving continuous feedback from not just the manager of the employee, but also from the employee's peers and other team members. Constructive feedback can go a long way in improving one's performance in the organization. 

Types of Feedback

There are three types of feedback that you can enable using Zoho People, for your organization.

As an administrator, you will be able to enable the type of feedback that will suit your organization. Go to Performance > Settings > Feedback to enable the feedback types that you want to use. You can additionally select and add feedback categories that can be used to classify the feedback given. 


Peer-to-Peer - In this type of feedback, an employee can give feedback to another employee of the same department or organization. Feedback can be given to anyone other than the Reporting manager.

Reporting to - In this type of feedback, the manager gives feedback to the team members who are their direct reports.

360 Degree - Under 360-degree feedback, an employee can give feedback to everyone in the department or organization including the manager.

Whether feedback applies within the department or the organization depends on the settings configured under Performance > Settings > General Settings > Feedback.

To give your feedback, go to My Review > Feedback tab. Click here to learn more about Feedback settings. 

You can use the given categories to classify the type of feedback you are giving – Reward, Improvement, Positive, Negative and so on. 

Select the person for whom you are giving the feedback by searching for them in the drop-down as indicated above. If you want your feedback to be anonymous, check Anonymous.

Note: Feedback can be given at any point of the year irrespective of the appraisal cycle. 


Self Appraisal 

Self Appraisal is critical feedback of one's own performance. It is an opportunity for an employee to evaluate their own performance on the job. It also gives the manager a different perspective apart from their own evaluation of their reportees on the job. 

Self Appraisal can be enabled while configuring an appraisal cycle.

  1. Go to Settings > Appraisal Cycle > + Add 
  2. Check Self-Appraisal under Appraisal Process Configuration Details 
  3. Give a time period within which the self-appraisal is to be completed

The period chosen must be within the overall appraisal process period. Click here to know more about self-appraisal settings while configuring an appraisal cycle. 

Once self appraisal is enabled, an employee can go to My Review and submit their self-appraisal for the current appraisal cycle under the Self Appraisal tab

Multi-rater Feedback

Multi-rater feedback is another useful method by which a manager can assess the performance of their reportees by considering feedback from other teams with whom their reportee has worked with. For example, if an employee is working on a project with some other employees, then their rating is taken for the multi-rater feedback. 

The Multi-rater review is done by making use of a form. So, as the first step, you need to first enable the Multi-rater Review form. To do this

  • From your home page, go to Settings > Customization > Forms
  • Select Performance under Service Name
  • Ensure that the Multi-rater Review form is enabled

This form can be customized with fields as per your needs. In case you are not using KRA or Goals to assess performance, you can add some fields based on which you would like to have the feedback given by the Multi-raters. You can also use this in addition to the KRAs or Goals.

Once you have enabled this form, you will be able to see the Multi-rater feedback section in the Appraisal Cycle.

There are two ways of selecting Multi-raters.

1. The first method is where the employees/reviewers can select the multi-raters themselves. In this case, if Approvals are configured, then the Reporting Manager gets to approve/reject the multi-raters who are chosen by the employee.

2. In the second method, the Reporting Manager/Admin selects the multi-raters. in this case, it does not go for approval as the manager is making the selection directly. 

Multi-rater feedback can be enabled while configuring an appraisal cycle. 

  1. Go to Settings > Appraisal Cycle > + Add 
  2. Check Multi-rater under Appraisal Process Configuration Details 
  3. Give a time period within which the multi-rater feedback is to be completed
  4. Define if the only the Reporting Manager or the Employee/Reporting Manager both select the Assessors
  5. Define the minimum and maximum number of appraisers that can be selected

The period chosen must be within the overall appraisal process period. Click here to know more about multi-rater related settings while configuring an appraisal cycle. 

Multi-rater feedback process:

  • An employee must go to Performance > My Reviews and select their multi-raters under the Multi-Rater Selection tab. Once the employee selects, it will be sent for approval.

  • Admins and Managers can select Multi-raters by going to Performance > Multi-Rater Selection. Managers will be able to select multi-raters for their reportees alone. 
  • Once an employee sends their selection for approval, the manager/admin can approve or reject under Performance > Multi-Rater Approvals
  • Once approved, the chosen multi-rater will be requested to give their rating under Performance > Multi-Rater Feedback

NoteApprovals should have been configured for this.

When a manager is giving their review, they will be able to use the multi-rater feedback to make a more informed decision about the rating they are going to give their reportees. 

Anonymous Feedback

This is possible if you have enabled Anonymous feedback for your organization. Anonymous feedback helps the feedback mechanism working and also ensures a healthy relationship between members of a department. 

To enable Anonymous feedback,

  1. Go to Performance > Settings > General Settings
  2. Enable Anonymous feedback​

Once this is enabled, follow the steps given below to give anonymous feedback

  1. Go to Performance > My Review > Feedback
  2. Type the feedback, select the recipient of the feedback from the drop-down
  3. Check Anonymous and click Submit

The feedback will be sent to the intended recipient without revealing the identity of the person who has given the feedback.

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