Employee Form Customization

The Employee form is the most basic and important form while setting up an organization's account in Zoho People. It contains all the details of each employee and is referred to by HR professionals on a daily basis for all HR processes right from joining until exit.

Fields unique to Employee Form

Employee Status Customization

Basic form operations in the Employee form

Identity Information

Under this section, UAN, PAN, Aadhaar for the India region and SSN ( Social Security Number) fields for the US region are provided as system fields.

Some points to note for Aadhaar, PAN, UAN details:

AADHAR: It can be used to enter the 12 digit Aadhaar number.

  • Only numeric characters are allowed.
  • Maximum of 12 characters.

PAN: It can be used to enter the 10 digit alphanumeric PAN card number.

  • The first five characters must be capital letters from A - Z.
  • The fourth letter must be the capital letter P.
  • Only numeric values are allowed for characters 4-9  
  • The last character must be a capital letter.

UAN:It can be used to enter the 12 digit UAN number.

  • Only numeric characters are allowed.
  • Maximum of 12 characters

Calculating Employee's Total Experience

This is a system field under the Work Information section of the Employee form. Using the total experience field, you can include the past experience of  the employee. Additionally, you can choose to include or exclude non-relevant experience while calculating total experience.

Address Field Component

Using a single address field component, the complete present and permanent address can be captured in the employee form.