Course Reports

Course reports includes several insightful reports that provides an insight into the various course related factors such as course attendance, progress and more.
The available course reports varies based on who is viewing (user) and the type of course that is being viewed.

Learners can access the following reports:

Trainers & Course Administrators can view the following reports:

When viewing any report. You can enable/disable Table View & Chart View using the chart icon, available in the top-right corner. Export options are available through the 3-dot icon and Print options are available through the burger icon.

To access course reports, simply navigate to any of the courses (LMS > My Courses and navigate to the Reports tab.

Here is a detailed look of all the available course reports:


Grades course report is a score-card like representation of the grades attained by the learners in the course. Table view also displays additional info such as grade category, type, submission status, etc.

You can enable/disable the types displayed by checking/unchecking the corresponding checkboxes.


Submissions course report lists the status of employee assignment submissions. Table view also displays additional details such as date, grade, etc. Click on date range to view submissions for a different date range.

Attendance (only for Blended Learning courses)

Attendance course report provides insight into learner attendance, the number of learners present and absent. Table view additionally lists the trainer's name and last present date. Click on Date range to change the displayed date range.

Enrollment history

Enrollment history report allows Trainers/Course Administrators to view the course enrollment trends on a monthly/yearly basis. Use the radio buttons to alternate between Month & Year view. Clicking on a particular month/year will reveal the corresponding learner list below.


Learner enrollment

Learner enrollment course report allows Trainers/Course Administrators to view the detailed number of learners who have joined the course. Click on the drop-down to view enrollment details pertaining to Locations, Departments, or Designations. The table view additionally lists status, joined, completion date, etc.

Course progress

Course progress report allows Trainers/Course Administrators to take a look at the progress of learners in a particular course. See the number of employees who have completed, see the on-progress and overdue numbers. The table view additionally lists location, joined date & completion date.

Completion percentage vs Learners

This report can be used to see how your learners are progressing through this course. See how many learners fall into a particular course completion percentage group by clicking the corresponding bar. In the report shown below Priya and Adam have completed less than 20%.

Course units vs Average score percentage

Want to see how your learners are performing in the various units of the course? This report displays the average score achieved in each course unit. Use the checkboxes to include or exclude assignment and tests to the report. Grade category and Type details are given below.

Course unit-wise mark percentage

Use this report to evaluate how your learners have performed in the various course units. Use the drop-down to select a specific unit. The report groups learners by marks percentage. In the example shown below, 61-80% group is selected and Adam who has scored 66% is the sole learner of this specific grouping. 

Overall course grades vs Learners

Want to see the overall course performance of your learners? This report shows the number of learners pertaining to a grade points range (maximum grade points achievable on course is segregated into 5 ranges). In the example shown below, Total points system is used for grading and all 3 learners fall under the 17-32 points range. Click on a specific points range to list corresponding learners. The X-Axis of report will depend on the type of Grade System used in the course.

Note: This report will not be available if Grade Category is selected as No Grades for the course.

Course Rating

This report is used to see the ratings received for the course from the learners. In the example shown below. Jones and Priya have given the course a full 5 star rating. Course Ratings can be used by trainers and administrators to see which courses are favoured by the learners.